Reading aloud group podcast

Following a discussion at yesterday’s Cosmos Cafe, I proposed to lead an initiative to develop an audio-only group chat (e.g. podcast-style), partly just to work out procedures and process issues, but also, potentially, to open the circle to participants who are not comfortable with video recordings/presentations.

My thought was that we could organize this around some form of online reading, that is, reading aloud. I do feel that, although I love the video format, attending to the voice has its own pleasures, and I am convinced that sharing favorite readings would provide a good opportunity to promote this kind of listening.

My question is, how do others feel about this idea? What readings might you like to focus on? Would it be a smorgasbord of different texts each time, or could we do one author in depth? Are there any authors that spring to mind? It could be poetry, but in my mind we might also draw on excerpts from short stories, children’s stories, or even novels or essays - wherever we find writing that wants to lift off the page. It could also be work folk have written themselves, a kind of complement to the writers’ underground. Thoughts? Reactions?

I’ve also been thinking we might limit the activity to one hour - my thinking is that some people may find the 90 minutes to 120 minutes we often run to be also constraining, and maybe an hour of audio-only listening would be enough? And should everyone present on the call be expected to take part, or could people just listen in as well?

Do we do a one off, or are people interested in a repeat performance?