Reading Group for Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts

(Mindful Ai) #1
(Philippa Rees) #2

I have bought the book and would like to participate but 6pm Mountain time is probably 2am GMT! Any hope of either recording or alternating the time each week?

(Marco V Morelli) #3

What would be an ideal time for you, @Philippa? Maybe others who can’t make the 6 pm Mountain time window could make yours…

We’d just need at least one person who can host the Zoom meeting. Doesn’t have to be you, but someone who would be there regularly, and I can train them in using the software if needed.

(Philippa Rees) #4

Dear Marco,

I may be the only UK attendant? It would be selfish to gear anything around
my availability but I could keep in if I could attend the discussion
occasionally. For me almost any time between 11 am and 7 pm and as Denver
is 6 hours behind that would mean early morning to 2pm for the group which
I suspect would not work for others employed etc.

Maybe I just add to any comments or summarize my responses on the website?
Right now Marco I can’t take on any more technology challenges! My 92 year
old husband has unexpected needs I can never predict. Stress levels are
already running pretty high!

Hope you understand

(Marco V Morelli) #5

Of course, Philippa. Wouldn’t expect you to lead these with all else going on. But we just opened up registration yesterday, so I was thinking we might see who else shows up and expresses an interest in alternative meeting times. There are a few weeks still before our first meeting…

(Philippa Rees) #6

Good Marco. Meantime will continue reading.

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