Reading Suggestions

(john davis) #41

I have already done this exercise, Frederich, and imagine a dose of aesthetics could be more interesting than watching the posturing of a handful of academic, professional materialists vs the rest of humanity. This has been going on for several decades and even with a knock out punch by Nagels they seem to want to stagger, like a drunk on steroids, and do the same damn debate, all over again. I think we already know what the new atheists are up to, and they get a lot of free press. The Deluezians ,as much as I admire them, are a tad bit delusional so I suggest that the antidote to all this weary, postmodern disenchantment, could be reflecting as a group upon a good movie.

I think you already know that, Marco, and we already have rather limited attention spans. I wonder if there is another way of doing discourse without the debate style dominating everyone? Can we sing this tune in a different key?

Mine, oh thou Lord of Life, send my roots rain!

(john davis) #42

What about Graham Harmon’s book on Dante? He is a hip philosopher, hyper aware of the new materialists and promoting a speculative realism. He is doing lit theory with Purgatorio. It is short and non technical book with clear explanations of what phenomenology is up to . I know the burning hell of the Inferno but have never read the Purgatorio, probably because that is where I have spent most of my adult life.

Dante with a Hammer: The Ethics, Aesthetics, and Metaphysics of Love by Graham Harmon.

I think we should do something wierd on the New Occult movements that arising with Trump. There are lots of Gnostic Voices that are trying to be heard. Some of it is lunatic but some of it is probably pretty good. Gary Lachman is a good guide for this kind of tour.

(Marco V Morelli) #43

I think there is room for a revival of materialism in a different key. This is mixing domains, I know, since materialism in metaphysics is different than materialism in ethics or economics—but they are not unrelated.

I keep getting reminded that at root, the words “material” and “matter” are related to “mother.” I believe this is why there are esoteric potentials within materialism, despite the materialists.

Here is a chapter from Charles Eisenstein’s Sacred Economics:

I share this just to give context to what I was (admittedly, vaguely) getting at, but I think the question, “What is matter?” (which I think is related to “What matters?”) is worth meditating on. Maybe matter is not what materialism has been telling us it is?

(john davis) #44

Perhaps most materialists are asking the wrong question? Rather than asserting without much evidence that consciousness arises from matter,and that you are mere ephiphenomena, they asked what is matter that consciousness can arise from it? This is, I imagine, how Sri Aurobindo works with this aspect of our human dilemma. The materialists who are working this way, however, start to look a little quesy, for there is no clear way to put forward a promissory note that with world enough and time science will prove they are right. This is a basic faith based claim they criticize the fundamentalist religionists with. It could be interesting if they would stop trying to redo the Scopes trial. Matter is a hard to figure out. It makes little sense as we start zooming into string theory. It makes no sense to reduce something as complex as mind to something as inexplicable as matter. With dark matter making up 95% of the universe the materialist have a lot of explaining to do. Whatever we study please lets avoid more crash courses in physics. I think it is a dead end.

How about a Post religious study of Jesus? I just started a new book. It is dense but it is short and to the point.

Future Christ: A Lesson in Heresy by Francoise Laurelle

(Katina Press) #45

Nowwww, you’re tawlkin’, Bros!

I could definitely benefit from some intellectual hygiene. And a study in materialism or “physicality” would be great! I have been held up by the ankles and doused head first into the world of anti-materialism in both my spiritual and intellectual life (since youth). Consequently, materialism is my Achilles’ Heel and I need to develop a more balanced appreciation of this metaphysical underdog.

Before I embrace this new post-materialist era of scientific inquiry, I need to broaden my understanding of what materialism entails. In addition, I need more understanding and insight into my role and responsibility as a subjective being and how to utilize this role to complement the objectivity of my experience, rather than to undermine it.

Sometimes, (like recently) I’ll take brief (all too brief) vows of silence and cease to transmit any ideas or thoughts and instead, try to focus my receptive energies in isolative, quiet reflection. During this time, I reflected on some of your posts (esp. Marco’s mini-epic poem) and great films. Then, when I start to perceive that certain phenomena are coalescing from varied sources, I’ll resume communication with the “outside” world with a renewed sense of gratitude. As I am grateful for all of you. :blush: