Reading Suggestions

(Katina Press) #62

Melchizedek is Christ incarnate. Not that it matters to anyone but me, yet, that’s good enough for me!

(Ed Mahood) #63

I try to stick to what is said and not read into what is written what I think may be missing. That, to my mind, would be complicating matters. Asking for clarification hardly strikes me as being complicated.

Thanks for the clarification.

(Ed Mahood) #64

Thanks, Katina. I suspected this was you meant by the phrase, but asked to be sure.

(Marco V Morelli) #65

This sounds like what Aurobindo talks about as “divinizing matter.”

That Atheism timeline is very funny, Katina. It’s sort of your answer to the Flying Spaghetti Monster kind of memes, right? (Which I think are pretty funny too.) And the Genesis summary looks really well organized and nicely laid out—it’s evident you were a school teacher!

I am curious about the image in your timeline, where the AI terminator tells us that “belief in God poses a serious threat to Man”—just looking out for us, right? So I can see how faith in the absolute could be, in a way, a protectant from hi-tech/predatory/capitalistic insidious/nefarious influences and designs. But I could also see it the opposite way, where God is invoked to justify the dominion of the machines. After all, our machines appear to work “miracles.” I am not saying these works are equivalent to love, but a case could be made, we can imagine scenarios where our entire reality seems to be ‘created’ by our machine gods. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, right?

Everyone is vying for God—the fundamentalists, the jihadists, the techno-singularitarians, the progressives, the originalists or radicals. We all want a piece of the infinite. It seem like a battle of narratives (which is to say, a battle of minds) where the word “God” (or the experience of what mean when we say this) becomes the prize. Who can win?

I think literature plays an important role in circumventing the battlefield and getting the point across. I see the world of Art as a church without walls. Where does literature end and scripture begin, or rather, where are they braided together in a way that makes our ties stronger? I believe beauty is how we reconcile contradictory truths. That’s why great physicists such Einstein and Dirac intuited that a more elegant equation is more likely to be true.

On Genesis, you may be interested in Café we did a few months ago, which @achronon presented.

There was a follow-up too.

It’s amazing to learn how deeply the sense of beauty—both mathematically and gesturally—is enfolded (and encoded) in the very language of these texts.

(Katina Press) #66

Yes, Ed!

The timeline is comical. Though it wasn’t meant to be. Ten years ago, I was more reactionary in my views on history . Today, I would replace the “Tech-interdependence” trans-humanist with something more encompassing with a post-materialist theme.

(Katina Press) #67

The final God-Man relationship in the timeline, whereby man perceives “belief in God to pose a threat to humanity” is not a reflection of trans-humanist thought or the innovative tech-based singularity. But rather, it echoes the Neo-Atheists’ secular endgame to eventually abolish Christianity. Neo-Atheists such as Richard Dawkins makes this very argument in his, “God Delusion”, where he accuses christianity as the source of what’s holding humanity back from ascending into our next evolutionary stage of human consciousness. Samuel Beckett and Christopher Hitchens (part of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse), the former being an Ivy League Neuro-Scientist, warns society that Christian faith is a threat to the mental health and, therefore, posterity of future generations and even goes so far as to envision a near-future, where parents who promote such faith in the rearing of their children should be punished for child abuse.

This is one of the ways that Christianity is being promoted as a danger to society.

(Katina Press) #68

Thanks, Ed!

I appreciate the link to a prior Cosmos Cafe discussion. I will take it all in this evening. I would love to discuss some of the themes in the Genesis outline. Because, that is all that it serves as, an outline for reflection and/or discussion before or after reading the actual book of Genesis.

And I appreciate your taking the time to download and review it (makes me feel loved :blush:). I am interested in finding people that are equally passionate about the scriptures with a thematic focus. The POV would be limited to what God is trying to communicate to the human race throughout the 66 books.
It is hard to find such folks without getting caught up in “a battle of narratives”.

Yet, I wholeheartedly agree with your statement below:

“Everyone is vying for God—the fundamentalists, the jihadists, the techno-singularitarians, the progressives, the originalists or radicals. We all want a piece of the infinite. It seem like a battle of narratives (which is to say, a battle of minds) where the word “God” (or the experience of what mean when we say this) becomes the prize. Who can win?”

Hell yeah, Ed! Hell, yeah! You just perfectly summarized my interest and motivation for starting an interactive IC Cafe on the “Philosophy of Narrative Art, Film-making and Storytelling”. I wish that you had more time and a shared interest in assisting me in designing a curriculum for such a venue on IC. Storytellers are demi-gods.

(Katina Press) #69

Oops, I meant, Marco! It is not Ed who made me feel loved, but Marco! Ed never loved me enough to send me the Cosmo links. Marco did! Thanks, Marco, for the inspirational resources.

And forget you, Ed! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ve got a new love now!

(Marco V Morelli) #70

Ed and I share the same eternal Self, so it’s all cool. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Katina Press) #71

Can I interject a little unrelated controversy here just to spice things up a bit? No? Well, that’s not gonna stop me:

I think is was Douggins (one of my fav IC Bros) who briefly mentioned something about the Kavanaugh hearings.

Weeelll…I must say as a woman and a person, (I’m not sure which comes first), that I have been thoroughly embarrassed and confused by this whole “hashtagMe2” crapola warlock hunt initiated by the historically promiscuous Hollywoe hoes (I warned you!) looking for payback for broken and unrealized career promises in exchange for sexual favors.

As a woman, I grieve over the state of confusion females leave their blue-balled counterparts when they seek revenge for unrequited sexual encounters (I. e., mistresses and homewreckers engaging in long-term consensual sex with married men and then seek revenge when they refuse to leave their families to be with them).

And I’m not even going to go into the sexually loose behavior of pre-buscent and teenage and college age girls wilding - out in scantily clad gear whilst gorging on alcohol in male-dominated, sexually charged settings??? HPV for 9 year olds, really?!?

I feel that we are not holding women, mothers, sisters, etc. responsible for instilling “ladylike” virtues and habits in our young women, which often results in their self-inflicted victimization.

Since when has feminism allowed for whore-ish behavior w/o consequence?

Okay, you can hate me now!

(Marco V Morelli) #72

That’s one of the things I love about you…however, I ain’t wading into this one! (yet) In any event, we should start a separate topic, so that “Reading Suggestions’” can stay on track. Perhaps you can add your thoughts to / revive this topic here?

It was our resident Freudian @Mark_Jabbour who commented upon the Kavanaugh hearings, here:

(Katina Press) #73

Of course, you’d have to be a madman to respond to my post. Though, if there is any place where I could find a “John Proctor” to say “Amen”, it would be among the brave few I’ve encountered here on IC. Yet, I’ve also been the prime suspect in many 'a witch hunts over the mere 4 decades I’ve been on this planet.

So…sshhh! I understand, believe me. I expect to get a backlash from my sistas for this one. I’d be fiercely accused of imposing my old-fashioned, oppressive values on the post-modern woman.

Let It Be So
(Maia Maia) #74

When I tried to go to the comments on Kavanaugh hearing, I was told “you don’t have access to that!” What does THAT mean, I wonder??

(Katina Press) #75

Good Question! I just BARGED through, anyway.

(Marco V Morelli) #76

Sorry, that was a planning thread in the CCafe group, which consists of people who have participated in the live Cosmos Café sessions. Nothing secret, just keeping chatter off the public channels. I’ve added you to the thread so you can see the context.

(Katina Press) #77

Another Reading Suggestion:

“There’s A Monster at the End of This Book” - Grover of Sesame Street

OR, the more current newly edited version entitled, “There’s STILL A Monster at the End of This Book: feat. Elmo” (same author).

{You see, Bros and Sisses, this is the kind of random and annoying, quirky nuances of my personality, that start to surface from the deep, as you travel closer into my Soul. Tread carefully, yet, whatever you do…DON’t take me too seriously - except for my LOVE for Y’all! You cannot have genuine Logos without it, right?)

(Marco V Morelli) #78

My daughters both loved that book. It’s very meta and postmodern. I didn’t know there was a sequel. Furry, lovable Grover is the bomb… But why oh why another Elmo book? I know I’m not the only one to say this, but Elmo has always felt kind of creepy to me.

(Katina Press) #79

Oh my Goodness, Marco! Do not even get me started on that microMega-lo-maniacal puppet, Elmo! With that pseudo teletubbie affected voice (shiver). “Elmo KNOWS WHERE YOU LIVE!!!” Remember that satirical mantra?

Grover, on the other hand, is my kinda monster. And I fell in love with that book. Your daughters have great literary tastes (I suppose it is no wonder, huh?).

As an Educator, the first edition of the book captured the essence of the metaphysical magnetism of the world of literature and the explorative lure of storytelling!!! Oh, God! And I could TEAR a “REad ALoud” apart (with even my high school students) using that philosopher’s stone of children’s lit.

What’s esp. amazing about this book is how the second, third and 24th reading of it to the same audience, took nothing away from the suspense and splendor of its very first reading.

So, yes! You gotta get to Barnes & Noble to surprise your princesses with the latest edition. (It is hardbound and even has a faux-padlock magnetically sealing the book closed - Oh, gawd - I luuvvv it!!!)

This gift will surely renew your status as “Oh, DADDY THANK YOU!!! - of The Year” Award. And then, depending how old they are, prepare to reserve 10 min. blocks in your schedule several times a week when you hear, “Oh, Pullleeezze, Daddy/Mommy! Pullleezzee Read ‘The Monster Book’ again?!? Last time I pwomise!”

I purchased it simply for my own library but can’t wait to unleash it onto my online kiddiewinkle virtual students in Beijing. This book will prove to earn my positive reinforcement currency for the remainder of the school year, fer sure!

Talk to you soon!


(Katina Press) #80

Have we all decided on a Book, yet? I would like to suggest “Orthodoxy” by G. K. Chesterton. I know that most of you have already read it (Esp. Ed, am I right?..thought so!). I’ve read it once in a “Young Adult Catholic Book Club” (I am not Catholic, yet, it was the only place that I could find a platform for sharing this neat little philosopher’s stone). I never finished it because the kids kicked me out of the damn club! Can you believe that? Pluralism, my BIG TOE, I’ll tell ya’!!! Only one guy in the book club of eleven or so of “them” (not “us”, as they made that very clear by the middle of the book) was nice enough to invite me back. But I declined the offer when I felt their glares “sliding off my skin like rancid oil” (Jemison). Uh, No thanks! See ya again at the Gates of St. Peter, little children! (simultaneously thumbing my nose up at the height of their all too elevated chins). Snobs!

BTW, I do not like snobs. I almost became one when I was married to a cardiologist for ten years. I got out just in time! All I took with me was my heart, no alimony required.

Anyway, whilst I continue to “wrabble” - Has anyone ever heard of a song called “Polar Bear” by a band called “Ride”? Ed…YOU would like the song, as the lyrics quote from one of your fav books, “Franny and Zooey”. Just askin’ and kickin’ 'round rocks in the dirt.

(Ed Mahood) #81

Well, to nip all illusions in the bud, actually, no. Having been raised in a very literal-fundamentalist household (a teddy bear with a rather scary expression that I left at home when I left home), I tend to give apologists and converts a wide berth.