"crowd-owning" campaign

Here is a similar organization to our own, about to launch their own membership campaign.

Resonate focuses on indie musicians and has come up with innovative “stream to own” model that’s a lot more generous to the artists, while at the same time enabling the “free” streaming that we’re used to from Spotify. The big difference, of course, is that with Resonate, the artists and consumers are the owners. It will be interesting and instructive to follow their progress. I’ve talked to the founder, Peter Harris, and he’s open to cross-promotions and collaborations down the road.

##Crowd owning campaign strategies
December 21, 2015 | by Resonate | strategies
“Wait, what?”

If you noticed the headline, you might be wondering why we’re calling this a crowd “owning” campaign instead of using the usual crowd “funding” phrase.

It’s fairly simple.

With most crowd-funding campaigns you are either giving money away as a donation because you believe in something, or you’re basically pre-ordering a product.

And while both those scenarios are true, there’s another angle with Resonate… ownership.

That’s because Resonate is a cooperative which is a unique type of business where everyone involved has equal ownership. If you’ve heard the word coop before, it’s most likely in the context of agriculture or grocery stores, but there are also cooperatives that produce and sell consumer goods, property ownership and more. In Spain there’s even one massive cooperative that’s worth over $5 billion and they have their hands in everything.

So that’s why this is a crowd-owning campaign. Because everyone that participates is buying a share. That share entitles you to vote on a variety of issues (even run for the advisory board!) but also share in our profits if we’re successful.

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Cool. profit sharing and such. What are they using as a tracking backend, did you find out?

I notice your facebook oath fails, but i can login with google. Do you need help setting up the facebook app?

Probably not, I know how such things go, there’s always so much to do, and you know what is needed to make the authentication work, just haven’t gotten around to it

But i am interested in studying Discourse.

Hi Bill,

Facebook login is working me. Try again? I double checked settings per docs and things look correct:

If there is a specific error, I can report it to the devs. They are pretty responsive.

Would be happy to show you around Discourse sometime.

Re: Resonate, what backend tracking do you mean? I talked to Peter Harris once and he seemed to be into blockchain tech, but we didn’t get more specific. We are recording a podcast later this week so I can ask him about it.


I just logged out, and tried to log back in using facebook as my authenticated id.

I instantly get this error message, as seen in the screenshot I just grabbed and pasted into the discourse editor.

I would say that means either the permission for use of the facebook app and integration are not set to allow an unauthenticated user to be given the thumbs up by the app - or there’s a problem with the facebook app keys.

A backend. By backend I mean the system that tracks what users have done what for the system. ,It’s a way of tracking cash flows and value flows associated with the site. So everybody gets paid with utter fairness.

Thats the core principle of affiliance and employee ownership on the internet. Let the computers track everything critical, and distribute the profits or cash flow according to measured contribution of labor or material or opportunities to the larger group.


I see. I missed a step in the set-up process. I hadn’t put the app live. It worked for me because I was logged in as a developer. I should have tested with a non-developer account. Thanks for letting me know! Would you mind giving it another try?

As for the backend stuff, let’s discuss. This is very much on my mind, but we still need to clarify aspects of the architecture. Will reply to your PM. In the meantime, check this out: