Savitri Reading Group – Book VI, Canto I: The Word of Fate (second reading) - 3 Nov 2021

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'Tis the season of fate, perhaps.

Some of you may know the journal Kosmos (with a K)—I have long been an email subscriber and occasionally visit the website following an interesting link. I have always admired how mature, thoughtful, and aesthetically pleasing their publication is, which has shared the work of many fine writers, artists, teachers, and activists for 20 years now.

The founder and longtime publisher of Kosmos, Nancy Roof, is now transitioning out of this life—and she has been reading Savitri to prepare for the next phase of her journey.

I am not bound by thought or sense or shape;
I live in the glory of the Infinite.
I am near to the Nameless and the Unknowable,
the ineffable is now my household mate. - Savitri

Dear Reader,

Beloved Kosmos founder, friend, mother and visionary leader Nancy Roof has begun her most profound transformational journey. Nancy entered hospice several weeks ago and is resting comfortably in her own home with loved ones close at hand. Her sweet Havanese pups, Willy and Sophia are her constant companions and ambassadors of goodwill to every arriving visitor.

Nancy has been preparing many months for this time. During the pandemic she remained mostly secluded, reading and meditating. I think it fitting that she is now reading Sri Aurobindo’s classic epic poem, Savitri . The heroine, Savitri, rejects Death’s argument that God can only be discovered apart from the world. Savitri has found love in the world and this has convinced her that a New Age for humanity is possible.

Not unlike Savitri, Nancy defeated polio at a young age and made the ‘new civilization’ her guiding purpose; and like Aurobindo, Nancy believes that cultural revitalization is possible when a significant portion of humanity experiences transformation and fully embraces the divine beauty in Life.

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I would like to keep Nancy in our awareness the next time we read together, perhaps offering the emanational field of the mantra in her general direction—as we are obviously kin and fellow travelers on these kosmic roads of time. I continue to appreciate the wholesome level of discourse and generous spirit of her work. Nancy’s story is worth reading. She is a guiding light to the next world if there ever was one.