Savitri Reading Group - Introductory Session [2019-7-17]

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In Attendance:

Mateo Needham
Andrea Van de Loo
John Robert Cornell
Marco Morelli
Mary Zehr
Geoffrey Edwards

The Savitri Reading Group uses this introductory session to introduce themselves, to orient around the reading of the text, and to express their love of poetry. All members of the group share the great joy of breathing life into poetry by reading aloud.

Savitri Reading Group

Dates & times – every 1st and 3rd Wednesday, 10AM PT / 11AM MT / 1PM ET / 7PM German

Zoom Link | Zoom ID: 516330883


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We are performing an intimate reading of Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri – A Legend and a Symbol, with virtual meeting every 1st and 3rd Wednesday until the poem is fully read. Savitri: A Legend and a Symbol is an epic poem in blank verse by Sri Aurobindo, based upon the theology from the Mahabharata. Its central theme revolves around the transcendence of man as the consummation of terrestrial evolution, and the emergence of an immortal supramental gnostic race upon earth. Unfinished at Sri Aurobindo’s death, Savitri approaches 24,000 lines. 

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Hi Doug,

Thank you for starting this thread. I’m going to ping a few people that expressed interest in joining:

@JohnRobert, @MaryZ, @MarcoMasi, @Flo, @Geoffrey_Edwards, @andreavdl

Sorry if I missed anyone and I look forward to any and all who care to join. I’m also sorry that I haven’t the time to develop the forum aspect of this group, but I will be present and available for our sessions.

Looking forward to starting tomorrow.

Love, Mateo

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Here is my original thoughts on the circle. Let’s discuss tomorrow:

Hi Geoffrey, John and Friends,

Yes, I am willing to lead the Savitri Circle. I’m ready to start anytime after June. I’ve been facilitating Savitri Circles for almost a decade now, and I have been engaging with the Mantra for about 16 years, pretty much non-stop. I’m looking forward to doing this with you all.

I’m also proposing that the reading / discussion Circle is not scheduled into the future but a held time slot, weather weekly or bi-monthly. (My preference is probably bimonthly.) That way, we don’t have headaches trying to keep a schedule and we can go with the natural flow of the Circle. That means also that there need not be any preparation for attendance, i.e. no reading outside of the Circle required.

If the Circle is bi-monthly, like the first and third Wednesday of each month, you all can couple it with something on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. Right now, a time slot on the first and third Wednesday of each month works for me. @Geoffrey_Edwards? @johnnydavis54? I can consider other days and I’m open to a weekly time slot.

Here is what I’m thinking: please see that Book 1, Canto 1 has a section break. During an hour and a half time slot, we read the first section, talk about it then read it again; then read the second section, talk about it and read it again. Then we read the whole Canto straight through. The amount we read can be determined at the beginning of the meeting by the number of people present. I have a good sense for this. This way, the pace and depth of engagement can be in flux. Also, I’m happy to start each session with a little talk positioning us within the narrative arch.

I don’t want to deal with the tech, so if someone else can record, upload, monitor the waiting room, etc. and whatever all the tech entails, that would be great and needed. Also, I’m happy if there is a forum component, but I probably won’t engage. What I have time for is to show up and facilitate and share my love for this Mantra.

Love, Mateo

I will be present tomorrow but will need to leave around 10:45 PT. Just to let you know.