See You In Our Dreams – Reading Performance Group and Social Dreaming Experiment

Dear friends: Over the past few months, @Geoffreyjen_Edwards and I have been talking with @Ariadne (Maia) about organizing a group dedicated to reading her 2020-released novel, See You In Our Dreams. Both Gj and I have read her book, and not only felt it would be worth a lot more readerly attention, but also that it beautifully weaves together a variety of the themes, values, and concerns that have preoccupied many of the discussions here on Infinite Conversations and in Metapsychosis journal.

The story, set in the 2050s, focuses on an underground community of poets, artists, scientists, and theater geeks (Bard-lovers) who share the weird experience of receiving cryptic messages in dreams from a figure they know as Ariadne. This more-than-human intelligence seems to be transmitting to them from the planet Jupiter—or so the dream goes. In the 2050s, water is a scarce commodity, while a techno-optimized corporatocracy rules over the carcass of humanity in the throes of Earth’s 6th great mass extinction. This group of misfits keeps a humanistic flame and emancipatory hope alive amid a bleak landscape.

Trapped inside a highly secure medical complex is a genetically and spiritually unique child who may hold the key to the survival of humanity—except she is also dying of a novel virulent disease, or so the authorities say. Dream bleeds into reality when Ariadne’s dream-transmissions suggests an action which the group must undertake to free the girl. They will challenge official version of events, face death, and reclaim the mystery of water. Lovers are torn apart and the community is stressed to the breaking point—is this band of wise rebels merely caught in a web of illusion?

I’ll let Geoffreyjen’s Goodreads review take it from here:

A long, complex, slow exploration of the final paroxysms of a dystopic future before something starts to change. In a sense, this is all parable, since our own time could be described in similar terms. Water has become the ultimate monetary unit, because of its scarcety, although is it really still as scarce as it once was? Water defies being harnessed and caged in such a way, and so do the characters in this book defy the mechanics of the world closing in upon them. And then there are the Dreams. Shared Dreamings, not across one or two people but whole communities. We are in the presence here of finely drawn characters with rich interactions and relationships, none of them easily described or pinned down, fluid like everything else within these pages. And a language which is almost more poetic than narrative, although narrative there is. Terms are hard to pin down, but finish by coalescing.

And the Dreams pass through the story, leaving their trails as much in ourselves as in the characters, in a way that reminds me of the journey Samuel R. Delany delivers to us in his Dhalgren. Like Delany’s book, this one requires perseverence, but the language draws you on, the beauty of the landscapes also, and the ending, although satisfactorily also unresolved, brings about a sense of something ending and something else beginning. Not for everyone, perhaps, but those who love words lovingly handled, who love narratives which play, who want to re-imagine our futures, will find a powerful experience here, and one that will linger long after sounding out the last word.

The Invitation

We are proposing a group reading experience that goes beyond merely discussing the text. As you’ll discover if you decide to participate, Maia’s language throughout the novel is poetic, playful, and provocative—and would be a joy to read aloud. Moreover, as we’ve discovered through our previous performances of Milton, Aurobindo, Whitman, Blake, and others—all it takes is a little practice in a safe-to-fail setting to create the context for ontological immersion and aesthetic magic.

For the purposes of this group, literature and life—just as waking and dreaming—will not be treated as totally separate states of being, but brought together in playful resonance. These conversations may also sometimes be quite serious—if we recognize how thin the border between fiction and reality may sometimes be. We might see ourselves reflected in the characters and their circumstances, and vice versa. We can share our own dreams. And we’ll read the text aloud to each other, as around a campfire, taking turns playing different parts, potentially even producing the raw material for a community theater style audiobook version of the text, if we are able to sustain our attention and gather the resources for such a project.

Our first meeting will coincide (more or less) with the upcoming Solstice, which occurs on June 20th or 21st of this year depending on where you are on the globe. We propose to hold our first meeting Saturday, June 19th at either 9, 10, or 11 a.m. Pacific time (see discussion below). All @readers are welcome, but please introduce yourself below first.

You’ll also need a copy of the book. When you sign up, we’ll make sure you get a PDF version and you can also request a print copy directly from the author. If you require financial assistance, we will send you a free copy and invite those who can to chip in toward the costs.

The Action

As you’ll read, one of the main characters in the book is visually blind. Yet that doesn’t mean he cannot see. One of the ways we will attune to the fictional world that Maia has dreamed awake is to conduct our meetings by audio only. We will use Zoom’s audio only feature for these meetings. There will be time for meditation, listening, speaking, song, silence, attuning… we will allow each other to deepen into a shared liminal zone of lucid presence. It will be weird, maybe awkward at times… different than anything we’ve yet attempted here, but hopefully a rewarding experience for all involved.

During our first meeting, we intend to focus on the theme of Water. What does water mean to you? Bring a water story to share. As well, bring a musical instrument! Guitar, cymbal, triangle, bells, mouth harp… any music-making implement you can share over the phone will do.

Subsequent meeting times and the exact plan of action all remain to be determined by the literary psychonauts who show up and the guidance we receive. Each of us can help shape a collective meta-dream—there will be plays within plays and dreams with dreams! And then how shall we bring our dreaming into dialogue with the world? The great MLK said, “I have a dream.” Could we say, “We have a dream?” See you there!


Michael Stumpf here ,I,'ve been swimming in these Waters of Cosmos
Cooperative/Infinite Conversations four Years Running. I am 67year old
Wandering/Wondering Soul through 60’s,70’s, 80’s,etc,etc.,Feet on the
Ground of 2021" a little" after the years 2016-2020years. I have more skill with Day-Dreaming aspect of Dreaming as the Gift of Existence?
A life of as a Maintenance Worker,a Bouncer & other Odd Jobs, Father of Jeff & Kristi,Uncle to
Nephews/Niece,Married the same Woman Twice(a slow learner),Medically
Retired since 2002 & Aesthetically Engaged through the Medium of Conversation First & Others following,such as Reading,Music & Spending time with Friends & Nature. This Reading Discussion Lands for me with the Excellence of Riding a Wave in the Early Morning-Fully Bodied Senses Awake!

I am not sure what a Shaman Friend called this when he gave it too me as a
"Gift’ years ago,he put the Man & the Labyrinth on the “Pow-Wow Drum” ( call it) because he asked what I wanted,The Labyrinth & Dolphins have been personal guides for 30years. A nickname as a Bouncer , I was given was a Hippy on Steroids(at times), I am a Peaceful Kind of Human & yet? You fill in the blank.

Druming & Dancing
Shake,Rattle & Roll!!!


Marco and friends,

Always so lovely to receive news of a new reading group beginning with the Metapsychosis art and consciousness community, I am intrigued by the chosen literary text and the performative nature of the reading.

I have kept abreast of the Metapsychosis reading group over the last few years, though now I am with the good fortune of timing enabling me to fully commit. I would be grateful if a copy of See You In Our Dreams by Maia could be sent free and I can send address details in a subsequent email.

I look forward to collectively embracing nonlocal meditative states and recounting lively dreams as they emerge from the world soul through our unique psyches while immersing in performative text with you all.




Dear Marco and Geoffreyjen,

What a remarkable invitation! Thank you. I appreciate the challenge of participating in such a collective experiment and, even as I feel a bit hesitant, I would like to accept. I have emailed Maia for a physical copy of her book.



Hey Marco, thanks for the invitation. I’ll think about it. Probably will buy the book and read it regardless.
Cheers and congrats to Maia


I will not be a member of a group with Mark Jabbour. I am letting everyone know that in public I consider his past behavior in groups has been offensive and counter-productive. Please feel free to carry on with this worthy project without me. I’m sure you will all have a great adventure. I will turn my attention to other groupings where I feel there is integrity and trust and where I can make a useful contribution. I can’t do that when collusion is happening. Good luck!


Hi Mark, it wasn’t personal. You were still a member of the @readers group, so received the notification, mostly due to my negligence. My heart remains open, but there are guardians at the gate—fierce red-eyed glowing gargoyles and the severed heads of dictators with orange flaming hair (metaphorically) stuck on top of black iron fence-pikes. Proceed with caution. It may be best listen to the recordings, actively empathize, dream with us from afar, and reply as thou wilt in the forum, rebuilding hope and stitching trust one thread at a time, before disturbing the still waters of collective presence, where something untoward may lurk…


DITTO from the Hippy on Steroids ( at Times)

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I hear ya! It’s my overly positive nature that leads me to even consider the unintended offer. something LH is working me towards: ‘lower your expectations, Mark - they’re unrealistic.’
cheers buddy


Opening the Sensuous Body
Without Fear of Fear
Awesome Surfing this Wave
of Dreaming!!!


Thanks, fellas. Michael, I am reminded that you participated in an early experiment doing virtual community theater on this site. 'Twas Shakespeare, then and now!

Star-crossed, it would seem we remain…


This is just a Riff on my Day-Dreaming Streaming in the Last hour or so,I came across an Artist I haven’t encountered & remembering the love of Birds here by a Few,
decided to share what my Day-Dreaming manifested:
The Creation of Birds-Remedios Vara


Thank you, Michael. I needed to see that felicitous, fantastical image—is that a prism in the bird-artist’s hand, a Goethean bird?—especially after seeing this:


It seems to be a prism…
So Fucking Sad about that ship
and the consequences…
this brings a Existential Heartbreak!



" it will basically destroy the whole bottom of the sea"

Welcome to the world of the damned.


Thou wast not born for death , immortal Bird!-John Keats


Dear @dexterr, @andreavdl, @Michael_Stumpf, @Geoffreyjen_Edwards, @johnnydavis54 and anyone else considering participating in this group. We’re about 3 weeks out from the Solstice, so it would be good now to finalize and the date and time of our first meeting.

After speaking with Maia earlier today, we’d like to propose that our first meeting take place on Saturday, June 20th19th at either 9, 10, or 11 a.m. Pacific time. As a backup, it is also possible we could meet on Friday late morning / early afternoon, if that works better for the group as a whole.

Would you take a moment to let us know your personal preference and availability for this first meeting? We will talk about ongoing meeting times after (or as part of) the first gathering. Thank you!


Dear Marco,

Saturday would be June 19th… 9, 10, 11 all good for me :wink: Andrea


Saturday would be June 19th… 9, 10, 11 all good for me too!!!


Saturday works for me, too. Friday would be out for me, I have meetings all afternoon. For the time, maybe 9 am Pacific time (noon my time) leaves the afternoon free, but it is only a slight preference.