Seeing Through the World - [Book Release]

(Jeremy) #1

Hey all,

My new book, on Jean Gebser, is finally shipping this week.

We had a great reading group here for Winters of Origins, a few years back, so you may appreciate this or simply be able to recommend an introductory reader to Gebser newcomers. I’m hoping to get more Gebserian-inspired lit out there via Revelore Press in the coming years.

Stepping back into this infinite conversation, I am pleased to see much discussion continuing, and would love to hear from you guys on your Sloterdjik readings. Is there a link with Gebser’s aperspectival/sphericity/temporics?

At any rate, happy to talk about the book sometime. In the meanwhile, I’m hopping over to the Integral Review category…


(john davis) #2

Thanks, Jeremy, for this announcement. I look forward to reading your book, It looks wonderful.

(Marco V Morelli) #3

Congrats, Jeremy! Some others here have asked about introductory (and further) studies of Gebser. This looks like an excellent primer to recommend.

Maybe you could visit the Cosmos Café someday for an update on your deep dive into Gebser (and whatever else you’ve been up [or down] to), and the @ccafe crew can share whatever’s brewing that relates. There are definitely interesting connections and contrasts between Gebser and Sloterdijk, Aurobindo, Bateson, and other thinkers we’ve been exploring here over the last three years since our “Winter of Origins;” the planetary and the anthropocene have also been recent themes.

It would be good to connect some of the aperspectival dots.

Good to hear from you again. Best of the luck with the book launch, course, and other mutations!

(Jeremy) #4

Thanks, @johnnydavis54!

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(Jeremy) #5

Hey @madrush! Happy to do that sometime. Been missing these conversations and excited to hear more. Digging into the planetary hyperlink. Let’s get in touch soon and schedule that chat with the @ccafe.

(Caroline Savery) #6

Congrats, Jeremy! That’s wonderful! Not a follower of Gebser myself (out of ignorance–or maybe I am a follower, I just don’t know it yet?) but I know many in our community who will likely find your new book super resonant and juicy. Would love to have you as a guest on a cafe soon, to echo Marco. :pray:

(Jeremy) #7

Thank you, Caroline! You might enjoy this interview I did with Jeff Salzman on Gebser…

I find that the book is really a placeholder for conversations, at any rate! An opening for dialogue and presence/ing.

(T J Williams) #8

The Mrs having approved my allowance request, my copy should arrive by the end of the week… :grin:
Looking forward to it!

(Jeremy) #9

Excellent! Let me know what you think, of course. And, thank you.