Shantaram General Community Conversation


(Pam Parsons Dupuy) #1

Hi all. I was looking for a thread to share my experience from yesterday’s session but couldn’t find it so thought I’d start this one. A place to share generally as an ongoing stream through our group experience.

So, this last meeting 6.8 - I was very moved. I’m feeling that touch even now as I write. Perhaps you couldn’t tell but I had tears welling often. Its not any one thing I can put my finger on, just a general feeling of gratitude for the connection, the sharing, the authenticity and the structure and experience of the book that informs and inspires. So just felt the need to tell you all how much I’m appreciating our meetings. : )

(Marco V Morelli) #2

You weren’t the only one with tears welling, @ppdupuy!

Thanks so much for your kind words and reflections. After all these years of working on websites, I love that we can “go there” (or, “be here”)—and explore the meaning of life together, too… :smile:

The way my schedule is set up, this Shantaram group is the last public thing I do weekly, and it always seems to serve as a healing balm on the wounds of the week. I attribute this as much to the heart-opening qualities of novel, as to our fellow readers’ willingness to show up vulnerably and read our own lives through the author’s story. It feels like a real blessing to go/be on the journey with all of you. :pray: