Shantaram, Live Conversation #1 – 5/4/2017


(Marco V Morelli) #1

Hi @shantaram readers: Here are the recordings from our video call a couple days ago. Thanks to everyone for the great talk! Looking forward to our next one on May 11th.



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This is the first of 9 conversations. We spend a little time getting to know each other, then dive into topics raised by the first hundred pages of the book, including musings on travel, cultural difference, and moral relativism and choice.


David Gaian
Dasha Gaian
Marco V Morelli
Pam Parsons Dupuy
Rebecca Gale
Paul Bogle
Jamie Rouselle

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Thanks to @Oliver_Rabinovitch for the post-production help. And thanks to everyone for participating!

Mark your calendars: Our next live call on May 11th at 6 pm MDT.

Shantaram, Live Conversation #2 – 5/11
Shantaram, Live Conversation #2 – 5/11/2017
(Philippa Rees) #2

I joined this group invisibly and time dislocated! Thoroughly enjoyed the comments. I have read the first 100 pages. Something that occurred to me in the observations about the hat through the ring as a metaphor for ‘passing muster’ in a new and unfamiliar society is that it works both ways ( the alien and the native pass across it from opposite directions) I have lived in a few utterly psychologically alien situations like in a mill in Bavaria where an unrepentant Nazi still received the deference of the entire village so the question of integration was one to be avoided! Yet unlike Bombay for Lin, that left one with nowhere to go, except to observe with Lin’s kind of ‘vivid detachment’ the fresh uniqueness of every character.

What bowled me over is the phenomenal writing, so affectionate ( as Marco said) that it would be impossible not to identify with him whatever he gets into. But I cannot help thinking that vividness was a result of not yet being assimilated. Perhaps he will sustain it when he is. I wait to discover.

It was also interesting to see how much the individuality of the reader’s own experience fed into their reading. I know as writers we assume this but it still is refreshed through a conversation of this kind. Thank you all

(Pam Parsons Dupuy) #3

Philippa - nice to “feel” your joining the group with your words, your story, your perspective : )

(Pam Parsons Dupuy) #4

Thank you Marco and David. Wow. Appreciate your facilitation, and your work on this - and your play!