Shantaram, Live Conversation #5 – Thursday, 6/1


(Marco V Morelli) #1

Hey @shantaram readers:

A reminder that our next live call will take place this Thursday, 6/1 at 6 pm MDT (time zone conversion).

Here’s where to register for the Zoom video conference where we’ll be meeting:

If you missed our call last week, you can watch or listen to it here: Shantaram, Live Conversations #4 – 5/25/2017

We’ll be covering chs. 20–24, pps. 405–514 during this next call, but please feel free to join us even if you’ve gone further or haven’t quite made it that far. (Reading schedule here.)

Though our group is small, we’ve been “going there” and having some real conversations. If you’ve been reading the book, or have read it in the past, I hope you’ll join us!

(Jamie Rouselle) #2

Hi Marco,

I let david know that i wont be on the call tonight. I’m simply too far
behind in the book and am going to use this time and this weekend to try to
catch up!!!

i’ll be sure to watch the recording of the chat!! Hope you have a great


(Di Shearer) #3

HI there, I’m reading with you, but not on schedule with the recordings. I’ve appreciated the two recordings I’ve been able to access thus far. And I’m loving the book and loving you all for introducing me to it. I’d dearly love to be on the call but time zones don’t allow this easily. Keep up the good work. Maybe soon, without so much travel in between times, I’ll be able to tune in at appropriate times. Thanks.

(Marco V Morelli) #4

Thanks, Jamie and Di, for checking in. Glad to know you’re out there, wherever you’re at in the book. :slight_smile:

I’ll be posting the latest recording soon. We had a sort of “men’s group” session between @DavidGaian, @PaulBogle, and myself, which you might find interesting. It was a brutal few chapters, but I loved the conversation, and I’m looking forward to the next ones with whoever can make it. Take care!

(Di Shearer) #5

OK, Marco. I’ve just listened to Session 7 and am up to there with reading but haven’t listened to previous conversations except first one or two. Will try to tune in for Session 9, but I’m a bit confused about when the sessions are happening. Will do a thorough search be sure of this. Thanks. As Pam said: It’s great hanging out with you guys.

(Marco V Morelli) #6

Hi Di, here is the time-zone conversion for session 9 (our last one):

Glad to have you along “out there” even if the timing hasn’t worked to join the live calls. Thanks for checking in and letting us know you’ve been with us.

(Di Shearer) #7

Have it in my diary, Marco, but I doubt I’ll have read through to the end. I’m reading on Kindle and it doesn’t give me page numbers - only chapter headings and what percentage of the book I’ve read to that point!!

Fascinating book and ever more so to hear your various thoughts on it.

By the way, if I don’t make it for session 9 it will be because a 91 year old who is like a sister to me is being discharged from hospital that day and I have an hour or more’s drive to get to her.

All the best,

Di Shearer
PO Box 953
Strathalbyn … 5255
South Australia
08 8536 3937
044 8536 835

(Jamie Rouselle) #8

Hi All!!

Also loving the book and sorry i’ve be absent but i’ve simply fallen way
too behind. my brother just came for a week and we did an epic road trip
around Colorado, put 1000 miles on my car, went to two festivals, drove
through several national forests and hit up salida, telluride, durango, co
springs etc along the way. It was incredible and I think I successfully
convinced my brother to move out here within the next year!!! However, all
of my adventuring left little time to read. I’ll be checking out the
recordings and will send you all lots of great vibes for amazing

Hope everyone is well.

Jamie Leigh

(Marco V Morelli) #9

Thanks for letting us/me know, @DiShearer and @JamieRouselle. Will miss you on the call…but it’s been good having you with us when possible.

It’s you had such a good time with your brother, Jamie! I love road trips. I hope the rest of your summer is just as adventure-full. :slight_smile:

(Di Shearer) #10

Marco, I’m lost as to how to find the link in to Conversation 9 on Shantaram. I think it starts in about 10 minutes time.

(Di Shearer) #11

Not sure how I get into Conversation 9, Marco. Please help.

Di Shearer
PO Box 953
Strathalbyn … 5255
South Australia
08 8536 3937
044 8536 835

(Marco V Morelli) #12

Try this, Di: