Share Art in the World that has the Stink of Integral

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I love the idea of sharing our own work! I thought it would also be interesting share work that we find in the world that we think has aperspectival feel to it.

Ill start by sharing a Music ‘Video’ by FKA Twigz. I think, in a very narrow analysis, it does a good job of presienting and concretizing Time:

Hi Infiniteconversations,

first of all thank all of you guys for doing this great work. Ive been watching the Youtubechannel and this forum for the last couple weeks and found it extreamly stimulating and inspiring. This is my first post on this forum…

So I wanted to share with you a clip that gave me, at the time, a deep experience of turquoise consciousness. When I was a teen I used to Breakdance and back than me and a friend bought some Vhs-Tapes, for motivational purposes, and among those was this Detours Tape. Its basicaly Breakdancers who try to go their own way creatively and do movements that are outside the Breakdancebox. And part of the Tape was this Clip Im posting…

In the begining Crazy Legz, one of the most influential pioneers in Breakdancing, says:
“Nobody here made up a damn move, because people are doing this thousands of years ago, in Africa,… all we are doing is manifesting from a different time.”

He clearly intuited the Urgrund or Orginpoint here and probably experienced all the structures that flow through us that day.

In the clip we witness a deep historical perspective, not history as storied, but the common principles and methaprinciples that let people do similar or even the same things in different timeperiods, or cultures, without knowing eatch other. Just like philosophers and thinkers that are divided by time and culture come to similar conclusions.

I found this Clip to be a very powerful example of turquoise Consciousness.

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I would like to share another Clip. Its actually the first piece of art that comes to mind as being representative of aperspectival consciousness.

Its this Movie called Baraka. It was a popular Film back when it was released, but many people havent seen it.

On the Cover it says “A World Beyond Words” - one thing that this point to is that in the whole Movie there is not one word beeing spoken. I believe that this is due to the recognitiojn, on part of the filmmakers, of the limitation of language.

The viewer is allmost forced to experience our common witnessing conciousnes. Its like the Film was made from the perspective of Space, looking down on the Earth and seeing ones own conciousnes beeing the result of the Earth, looking down on itself. To me at least, thats the Mystical quality this Movie has.

I find that this would be the kind of Film that could be inspired by reading Gebser, or Wilber, or Oswald Spengler. It touches on many of the themes in those books - from premodern to modern to integral…,


If you have never seen it - get a copy in high definition, wait for the right time and watch it in silence.


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I will share something here that I can’t identify as having any of the “formal” characteristics of aperspectivity insofar as (following Gebser) we might look for such “signs” or “markers” as the irruption of time, the integration of manifold structures, the undoing of 3D space, etc. (Though such ‘intensities’ may indeed be present.)

However, there is something so pure and soulful to me in this song I want to share it nonetheless in the aperspectival spirit.

There is a touch of Tom Waits here. A touch of a lot of things. What I really love is the almost abstract-expressionist (and yet still utterly soulful) lyricism, the barely discernible language as if language has been crushed into mouthfuls of rough pebbles yet still indubitably says something. Call it a supersession of rationality; such terms accomplish little here.

I will leave you to hear for yourself. This music-maker, Jon Sousa, lives in Boulder and I see him around town occasionally, though we don’t really know each other well. But it’s cool that he’s local. He’s got a show coming up on the 17th I’m hoping to attend.

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Not formal, but definitely stinky

There’s an atonal manifestation.

There’s many collections of McKenna, but this one is novel.

Excellent film depicting psychedelics, death, bardo and rebirth.