Spectrum of Engagement

The Membership & Benefits Spectrum

Envision a spectrum of depths and intensities of relationships between members and Cosmos. Loosely, these classes represent thresholds between different types of users in the system (and the overall “game” they are playing), but in reality it would likely be quite distributed (an aspect of system strength). A metaphor is: the perceived different bands of color in a prism-generated rainbow has everything to do with human eyesight. Those color gradients are not as distinct in reality, as they are in appearance.

At all levels members are free to customize their experience. These labels are ephemeral in that they describe patterns of behavior on the platform, thus they are organic categories, not formal ones.

These layers are nested: sustainer capacities are included up in the creative domain; sustainer and creative capacities are included in the worker domain, etc. These layers of functionality and capacity are also nested in terms of the cost of attention and resources it takes for Cosmos to provide at those levels. The higher the level, the deeper the degree of involvement in the mutual relationship.

The “inner” levels of the circle reflect ever more intensifying mutual investment. This means high skill levels, high trust, high capital exchange happening, and intensive usage of, and contributions to, the platform. This correlates to a smaller number of people (notice that circle 6 is much smaller than circle 1). This is a natural distribution.

Exact details as to what affordances and restrictions are offered at each level will be organically determined by need.