Spheres I: Bubbles – Schedule for Reading and Live Conversations

##Start Date: April 27, 2017

All hangouts will take place at 12 pm MDT, unless otherwise indicated.

###Conversation 1

April 27, 12 PM Mountain Time
(time-zone conversion)

  • Preliminary Notes
  • Introduction: The Allies; or, The Breathed Commune

Pages 9–81

###Conversation 2

May 11, 12 PM Mountain Time

  • Preliminary Reflections: Thinking the Interior
    1. Heart Operation; or, On the Eucharistic Excess

Pages 83–138

###Conversation 3
May 25

    1. Between Faces – On the Appearance of the Interfacial Intimate Sphere

Pages 139–205

###Conversation 4
June 8

    1. Humans in the Magic Circle – On the Intellectual History of the Fascination with Closeness
  • Excursus 1: Thought Transmission

Pages 207–268

###Conversation 5
June 22

    1. The Retreat Within the Mother – Groundwork for a Negative Gynecology
  • Excursus 2: Nobjects and Un-Relationships
  • Excursus 3: The Egg PrincipleInternalization and Encasement
  • Excursus 4: “In Dasein There Lies an Essential Tendency toward Closeness.” – Heidegger’s Doctrine of Existential Place

Pages 269–342

###Conversation 6
July 6

    1. The Primal Companion – Requiem for Discarded Organ
  • Excursus 5: The Black Plantation – A Note on Trees of Life and Enlivement Machines

Pages 343–412

###Conversation 7
July 20

    1. Soul Partitions – Angels—Twins—Doubles
  • Excusus 6: Sphereic Mourning – On Nobject Loss and the Difficulty of Saying What Is Missing
  • Excursus 7: On the Difference Between and Idiot and an Angel

Pages 413–476

###Conversation 8
August 3

    1. The Siren Stage – On the First Sonsospheric Alliance
  • Excursus 9: Where Lacan Starts to Go Wrong

Pages 477–538

###Conversation 9
August 17

    1. Closer to Me Than I Am Myself – A Theological Preparation for the Theory of the Shared Inside
  • Excursus 10: Matris in gremio – A Mriological Cricket
  • Transition: On Ecstatic Immanence

Pages 539–630


These will be collaborative diaologues hosted by @johndavidebert, with @madrush MCing. After a brief introduction by JDE to section we’re covering, we will open up the conversation. Your participation is welcome and encouraged. If the numbers warrant we can break into smaller groups and experiment with formats, recognizing that our conversational space itself is a kind bubble that can be inspired in various ways.

If you have specific contributions you’d like to make to the reading, please share your idea here in the #readers-underground:spheres channel.