Spring from Origins: March 18th Celebratory Hangout

Hi everyone,

Endings are just as much beginnings, but as linear time goes we’re officially wrapping up Winter of Origins. Many of our participants are still reading, and that’s great. Please keep going at your own pace, and continue to chat with us on Infinite Conversations. This forum will remain open, and the reading, or re-reading, never ends.

Fortunately, we’re still planning on having one more live get-together on Google Hangouts. This one will be different from our usual discussions. We’ve described it previously as a “Dionysian Revelry”—but you can think of it more like a “Spring from Origins”.

“Spring from Origins” is our playful leap into the new season after a long winter mulling over pages of a challenging text. We’ve filled the margins with scribbled notes and multicolored sticky tabs. Now it’s a time for levity. A moment for creative and inspirational musing (or, to borrow from Gebser’s inventive terminology, waring). This will be an Open Mic event.

Share your poetry, read from EPO, or share other texts that serve a kindred spirit to Gebser’s writings. It will take place on Friday, March 18th at 9 p.m. EST as a Google Hangout.

Join the Hangout Event

Please let us know in this thread if you’d like to share something; it can literally be anything, even the endnotes of EPO if it feels appropriate!


I may or may not like to share something depending on what is called forth in the moment. I’ll definitely be there.


Excellent! Looking forward to whatever you might share.

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I’ll definitely have a poem to share :slight_smile:


Wish I could play you this song:

I am so pleased I discovered this project and have beneftted greatly from reading the book and participating in a small way to the hangouts,

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