Springing from Origins: #litgeeks Winter Reading Draws to a Close

Originally published at litgeeks.com.

Here we are at the end of WoO. Spring is upon us, and our “Spring to Origins” poetic revelry event was, I think, a great success. Books have beginnings and endings but they are never finished. Re-reading a book forces us to work with a book over time, to disclose its nature slowly to us. They invite returning, like the seasons; their imperative merely to read and re-read, corso e ricorso. New interpretations glimmer up from occlusion, hidden treasures discovered in neglected passages.

One must be patient with a great book, patient enough for it to become a world and themselves a denizen of that world—to breathe its air, taste its food, speak its tongue—and come home, forever altered. Transformed. So too with a book like Jean Gebser’s Ever-Present Origin.

The discussion forum remains open and a few conversation threads are to be had via Infinite Conversations and the podcast network. There will be further occasions for "Dionysian revelry"and poetic incantations.

Thanks to all who attended Spring from Origins. Even though we’ve been sharing a purely virtual space, in the end it doesn’t feel so virtual. The lasting effect—for me at least—has been to feel in the warm company of good friends and inspiring minds. I do believe book clubs offline and online can generate this feeling.

A few new projects in the literary vein are coming up and we’re excited to announce them. As we’ve mentioned in this hangout, our next book will be a leap back to literary fiction and facilitated by our team member, Natalie Bantz.

As a party favor for our open mic Hangout, Natalie created this beautiful Winter of Origins bookmark that you can grab here.

More announcements forthcoming!

“Of course, nothing that exists exists for its own sake; it exists for the sake of the whole.” – Jean Gebser, Ever-Present Origin