Swarms: Organic Collective Genius In Elegant Action?

I just watched this video and I like the ideas in it. I feel a high sense of affinity about the functional principles of swarms and envisioning what Cosmos could become, in form and practice.

What do you all think?

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Very deeply intriguing ! I was just reading about starling swarms and how science is studying them. A nearly impossible feat: thousands of birds, sometimes a mile long, are moving together in synchronous harmony, with no collisions…
I do think the “self-organizing” of small voluntary groups, each with a “face”, can accomplish more and differently than organizations with typical hierarchies and practices. So one thing this reminds me of is when we talked about “cosmopods” not too long ago. Three or more, maybe up to seven? One person might be the “interface” with other “comospods” of various ilks, to share experience, insights, creative proposals, et al.
I’ve been noticing for a long time that sharing the general direction is enough, we don’t need complete agreement or “perfection” as Rick says, so there is room for mistakes and omissions…which in turn can lead to new projects, etc. I’ve often noticed that mistakes taken as Learnings or hints toward something unplanned can be a rich source of creativity. For example in musical composition or painting: unintended off notes or blobs of color can sprout a new melody line or thumbnail detail…
“Interflow” is fun! I do imagine that starlings are blissed out as they swoop and swirl in their great streamings! Joy is the spark perhaps to ignite the altered state, the nterflow that can be evoked but not set about deliberately and “managed”. Evocations are state-changing actions/elements. (Ritual, music, deep listening, slowing down, silence…)
And I really like it that Rick brings in “fun” as a powerful attractor! The word “li” (the pattern-making change/movement of the universe) is playful, graceful…an Interflow of happenings that is not chaos but a pleasing and meaningful ever-changing yet satisfyingly recognizable pattern which at the same time, remains mysterious. LIke a repeating dream or the way aurora borealis light-banners undulate, or fire flares and contracts or…
on and on in the natural world around us and in our body/minds.

I love your subtitle: Organic Collective Genius In Elegant Action!
To experiment with this, how/where might we begin?


"Identity is not an object; it is a process with addresses for all the different directions and dimensions in which it moves…” Lynn Margulis


I love your beautiful response, @Ariadne thank you so much! I am thrilled by all you say in your comment…

Furthermore, there’s room for interpretation, which is where all the art can filter up/in/through. As you note here…

One of the slogans describing Cosmos (that I don’t recall who came up with at this point) is: Mind jazz. :musical_note::saxophone::brain:

Indeed, I wonder if this is the only intelligence we’ve ever really had. Think about it fractally. Even those who deny any collective wisdom-body or God or Gaia or whatever, and who believe evolution is completely physical blind processes, would have to agree: mutations (a little chaos mixed into the process) are the nature of innovations, mistakes that work stick around, stay living, passed on, iterated (again, even blindly)… refined. Couldn’t we participate in making this massively cacophonous noisy orchestra (that is humankind/human consciousness) into just a little better, a little smoother, bring out a little more of that signal, make it more rhythmic and jiving? We’ll do it if we become our own conductors. We’ll do it by learning the patterns, and making music from the sources of noice.

I fully endorse your comments on “interflow” and Cosmpods (with linkages of participation between pods). Maybe you and I and Doug could meet up for a phone chat or a message thread about how we might really instigate the organizing of Pods?

PS - For the late response, I am sorry, I am quite intermittent with the time I spend on this forum… I am in need of practicing more regularity with touching base here.

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