Synthesis of Yoga Practicum (May 13, 2020) - Week 2

Meeting time

May 13th from 12 noon Pacific Time to between 1:30 or 2 p.m. Pacific Time, every second and fourth Wednesday of each month.

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Reading starts from:

Introduction - The Conditions of the Synthesis - Chapter II - “The Three Steps of Nature” - pg. 9

Past session & further info (description, session organisation , etc.)

Synthesis of Yoga - Week 1

For any question feel free to ask the organizers

Marco Masi (@MarcoMasi), Geoffrey Edwards (@Geoffrey_Edwards), Mateo Needham (@Matteo)

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The Arya journal from which The Synthesis of Yoga comes, “…was not intended to divulge a system but to explicate mentally his spiritual discoveries – discoveries which Sri Aurobindo considered important, fertile and even revolutionary enough to share with humanity.” (van Vrekhem, Beyond the Human Species, pg.293)


Sri Aurobindo wrote the Synthesis of Yoga (as most of his writings) mainly to people having already some background in his or other yogic disciplines. This may leave especially the Western reader approaching for the first time him and the Indian philosophical system a bit confused. Therefore, here is a compilation (separate pdf to download) which might help as an introduction or preparatory reference for terms and concepts appearing in the first two chapters. The text is taken mostly from the “Letters of Yoga” which are a good assistance that take up and clarify many concepts he uses throughout his writings.

What is Yoga?
Nature/Prakriti and Purusha
What is Evolution?
The ‘Mind’ in Integral Yoga

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Hi folks - did this Synthesis of Yoga forum just start? Also, is the Savitri group still going on?

Oh I just saw. So it’s about 5 EST time? I might be able to make it. I have an online Zoom reading group on the Uddhava Gita (Krishna’s last words) at 4 PM EST. I’ll see what I can do.

Hi Don,

welcome back. I just created the thread dedicated to the next reading session (third week) on Wednesday (12 noon PT) here: link.

Info for the Savitri reading group you find on its presentation page here: link

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