The Construction of Consciousness

We’re all just going off of our best guesses. To the extent that those “perceptual hallucinations” are stable, we feel we’re in consensus reality. And if we didn’t have a body, we wouldn’t have a need to perceive anything whatsoever.

Perhaps not like the “dog face” visualization illustration he gives, but I think I’m often seeing connections that are really there, as I’d say, “at a pattern level,” yet that others do not perceive with as much ease. I hypothesize that hyper-seeing is frequently lumped in with “crazy” (or today, “mentally ill”) unless someone is lucky enough to be able to sufficiently articulate what is hyper-seen to others (like Albert Einstein). I love walking the borderlands of crazy and genius–it’s, by definition, edgy. I don’t mind putting people on edge because, like a drunken master with secret powers, I know that going to the edge with one’s current “controlled hallucination” is where all the adventure is.

Conscious constructors, what are your thoughts on this?