The Creative Independent

I just found this website and thought others here might enjoy exploring it, too. It’s created by a team out of Kickstarter, and they feature interviews and collaborations with many great authors and artists.

I really like their Library page and feel we could do something similar for the Readers Underground. The overall aesthetic is fresh and tasteful, in my opinion.

I found it via an interesting new note-sharing site called


Completely agree. Reminds me of a refined, simple Tumblr. Fresh and tasteful definitely.

This would be perfect for the Theory of Everyone project (or at least the personal pages you have been interested in forming)…wondering if we could just use the Creative Independent for personal pages and links.

Below is a meditation by John Leland (part of his Animal Meditations project) from the Creative Independent, a type of music/writing project I am interested in creating (though less speaking and more music):

…reminds me of this book I read when interested in creating terrariums:

Also brings to mind another favorite - Loren Eiseley’s books, such as The Star Thrower, The Night Country, or The Unexpected Universe. Eiseley takes us out of the purely human sphere into the world as seen through the eyes of animals. Once you’ve read Eiseley, you’ll never view humans and our relation to the natural world in quite the same way.

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