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Intention is to create a spot for lists, descriptions, and definitions. Names and places. More or less objective data, as might be found in a traveler’s guide book to the worlds which Le Guin describes in the novel. Please add to it, if you think it would be a useful and worthwhile thing to co-create. The actual Wikipedia page doesn’t have all this information collected, nor did I find anything similar via googling.

Could be useful as a reference (cooperative memory formation), for current and future readers.

Tip: Use # for headings, ## for sub-headings, ### for major entries, and bold for minor entries.


Physicist. Author of Principles of Simultaneity. Born and grows up on Anarres. Travels to Urras.

Life partner of Shevek on Anarres. Marine biologist. Creator of “Occupations of Uninhabited Space.”

“I need the bond,” she said. "The real one. Body and mind and all the years of life. Nothing else. Nothing less.

“I’m a fish geneticist.”

There are souls, he thought, whose umbilicus has never been cut. They never got weaned from the universe. They do not understand death as an enemy; they look forward to rotting and turning into humus. It was strange to see Takver take a leaf into her hand, or even a rock. She became an extension of it, it of her.

Founder of the Odonian Revolution…

Rulag - “The mother.” I.e., the mother of Shevek. Engineer. Partner of Palat. Finds Shevek in Abbenay after Shevek’s illnes. (She had encountered his book co-authored with Sabul, whom she knows, in the library.) Offers to help him navigate the politics in Abbenay. Left Palat and Shevek to a work posting at the Central Institute of Engineering in Abbenay when Shevek was very young. (Chapter 2 begins with her departure.)

“The work comes first, with me. It has always come first.”

Palat - Shevek’s father. Died in earthquake in Wide Plains eight years before Shevek’s illness (experienced in Abbenay at 20 years old); died while saving children trapped inside the learning center when quake struck.


Twin world to Urras. Moon. Home of Arrasti (most of whome are Odonians). Ongoing mining operation for nations of Urras via the Council of World Governments. Scarce with life.

Abbenay – Principal (and central) city on Anarres. Original (and ongoing) spaceport where ships from Urras arrive. Originally named Anarres Town. “Abbenay” in Pravic means Mind.

Regional Institute

Twin planet to Anarres. Moon. Home of Urrasti (various nations). Original home of Odonians, before they settled Anarres after collapse of Thu government in year 771. “Propertarian”/capitalistic. Sexist. Abundant with life.

In the Third Millennium on Urras the astronomer-priests of Serdonou and Dhun had watched the seasons change the tawny brightness of the Otherworld, and had given mystical names to the plains and ranges and sun-reflecting seas. One region that grew green before all others in the lunar new year they called Ans Hos, the Garden of Mind: the Eden of Anarres.


Communication device allowing for instantaneous communication between worlds.


###The Odonian Revolution


The unification of Sequency and Simultaneity in the general field theory of time.


Complex organicism



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To Read The Dispossessed - Samuel R. DeLany. [There is a PDF of this out there somewhere…]

CBC: The Vanishing Point: The Dispossessed (adapted from the novel by Ursula K. Le Guin)
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