The Emperor's New Gravity Waves

I trust everyone has heard about the recent confirmation of the existence of gravity waves. I have some thoughts/questions to share on the topic, though it is likely to come across as a rant (hmmm…which structures are irrupting? Anything to do with a sun opposite uranus, square saturn, conjunct mars?)
I was triggered by the common claim that this “discovery” is ground-breaking, gonna change everything, etc. I’ve been asking myself: what’s different now? And all I come up with is there is a new “conceptualization-of-the-month”. My world hasn’t changed, my feelings about the world haven’t changed, my vital experience of the world hasn’t changed. I’m sure I could use the “Fantastic New Ground-Breaking Revolutionary Discovery!!!” to whip myself into an imaginative, mythical whoop-dee-doo, or a “whoa, the universe is amazing!”. But why would I get up and dance a jig, because some physicists have put a new record on the official science jukebox? Is it even that new? It sounds like a remix to me, cuz’ its still just reductionist/materialist concepts.
What I’m getting at is the deeper question: Why do we abdicate our ability to determine the structure of the cosmos to experts? Why do we look outside ourselves, to the scientific priesthood, to proclaim what is, and what is not? To me, this is the thought-prison of the rational structure (image: the wall from the “Truman Show” movie).
It will be a good day, an integral day, when cosmologizing is democratized, when we inhabit a world that is meaningful, because it is self-wrought, not because we find meaning it what “they” tell us is really the structure of the universe. If the only way to be on the frontier of cosmic discovery is to become familiarized/trained in fancy gadgetry and complex equations, or else just take what gets digested for us, then, well, maybe we’re doing it wrong. Maybe we are blindly listening to the emperor. The frontier is available to every one of us with senses and Imagination, it is right in front of our noses, and is generally called phenomenology. It definitely includes Participation, and as such, does not require third-party mediation/doctrination.
The idea of gravity waves is just that, an idea, and ideas are so last structure, am I right? The real “revolutionary” discovery will entail a shift in the relationship of the observer and the observed, and gravity waves don’t do anything but ripple the already-woven conceptual fabric. Sure, a change of tint for the rose-colored glasses, but the real work is taking them off, and seeing the world without our projection (and please, don’t go sayin’ thats not possible, I get it, and…)
So, are gravity waves rockin’ your boat?

Not a rant at all, Eric. I couldn’t agree with you more.

The waves were theoretically postulated, hence as Fleck has clarified, they can be one day a fact. In other words, they weren’t discovered, they were uncovered. We can be happy, perhaps, that we finally figured out how to do that, but I fell neither off the earth, nor off my chair.

This isn’t my usual cynical optimism speaking, I am sure, rather, as you say it’s just another concept, another brick in the wall.

From my understanding, Gravity and Time are the same thing in Quantum Physics. Unruh states on pg 4 of “Time, Gravity and Quantum Mechanics,” that:

“A more accurate way of summarizing the lessons of General Relativity is that gravity does not cause time to run differently in different places (e.g., faster far from the earth than near it). Gravity is the unequal flow of time from place to place. It is not that there are two separate phenomena, namely gravity and time and that the one, gravity, affects the other. Rather the theory states that the phenomena we usually ascribe to gravity are actually caused by time’s flowing unequably from place to place.”

So, from a Gebserian point of view, these ‘Gravitational Waves,’ or, maybe more appropriately in this context, ‘Time Waves,’ would be another indicator of temporics, the concretization of Time in the field of Physics.

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