The future of art, creativity and aesthetic progress

I am totally inspired after watching David Deutsch describe ‘Why flowers are beautiful’ in his talk, I had to share it with all of you:

I think it relates to the mutations of consciousness and thus post aperspectival art and beyond. I’ve always subdued to the notion that art is subjective. Except now through this reading and this lecture it really makes sense to me that it is actually objective. Gebser really helped outline the stages of development in art quite articulately, so I would like to start this thread on the infinite evolution of art and why “the future of art is mind boggling!” ~ David Deutsch

So please watch the video, and help me answer the integral search for a science (or more objective side) of aesthetics.


Thank you kindly and immmenssely for this link. What an utterly charming presentation into a topic that has been, at least up until now, almost impossible to express.

I was immediately reminded of Polanyi’s notion of “we know more than we can say” (whereby I’m not sure this is got until you’ve waded through the third essay in that little volume The Tacit Dimension). It seems to me that this is precisely what he’s driving at.

What I also find so mind-easing is his (and Gebser’s) imbuing the notions of “objectivity” and “subjectivity” consciousness with a more integral light.


yes~ there definitely is an aesthetic that resides beyond personal (subjective) opinion.
there are intricacies within music, art, dance, just like language that we do not know about.
most scientists always make the best artists too.
That being said, not all art is about that aesthetic, and this is an important point to remember.
I am thinking of music, and of John Cage’s work, which worked against this idea of a standard canon or aesthetic…
He is brilliant~
thanks for sharing!


this is pretty interesting in regards to what Gebser has to say about Picasso’s work


Gebser mentions the plays of Thornton Wilder as examples of the new mutation in consciousness. This famous final scene from Our Town resonates with the chapter on the Irruption of Time. The Stage Manager says the poets and the saints get it a little bit.