The Future of the Body

(john davis) #1

Michael Murphy’s The Future of the Body , which I am rereading, is worth taking a look at. Murphy was influenced by Sri Aurobindo and created also the famous Easlen Institute. Musing upon the list below, before bedtime, may trigger some deep learnings. Also good for generating some ideas for creative writing.

–Synesthesia, or crossing of the senses, seeing sounds, hearing colors
–Feeling that someone is watching you and then turning to meet their gaze.
–Feeling a compatibility or incompatibility before you meet someone.
–Spontaneous , unexpected perceptions of distant events
–Hearing music or sounds for which there is no physical source
–Correctly sensing the presence of lost objects
–Opening books to the exact passage you are looking for
–Sensing a numinous presence around persons or places
–Watching someone’s face reveal -as if in slow motion-younger or older aspects of their nature
–Seeing lights around people or inanimate objects
–Looking at something familiar and seeing it for the first time
–Spontaneously apprehending the presence of someone physically distant or dead
–Sensing chakras and energy flows
–Hearing melodies that reflect your physical condition
–Telepathically stimulating moods in another person
–Correctly intuiting someone’s negative or postive feelings
–Merging with someone during sex
–Feeling pains of distant friend and then finding out about their illness or injury
–Sensing the mood and intention of an animal
–Sharing the well being of a friend at a distance
–Having the same dream a friend has
–Accurately sensing someone’s prayers on your behalf
–Feeling intense energies for which there seems to be no apparent cause
–Sensing a rush of electricity up the spine, accompanied by visions, mental illumination or great strength.
–Feeling a strong mood in an empty room
–Out of body experience
–Lucid dreaming
–Correctly sensing danger
–Apprehending complex ideas all at once
–Experiencing joy while doing routine tasks
–Experiencing an identity that existed before your birth and that will outlast your body’s death