The Future of the Body

(john davis) #1

Michael Murphy’s The Future of the Body , which I am rereading, is worth taking a look at. Murphy was influenced by Sri Aurobindo and created also the famous Easlen Institute. Musing upon the list below, before bedtime, may trigger some deep learnings. Also good for generating some ideas for creative writing.

–Synesthesia, or crossing of the senses, seeing sounds, hearing colors
–Feeling that someone is watching you and then turning to meet their gaze.
–Feeling a compatibility or incompatibility before you meet someone.
–Spontaneous , unexpected perceptions of distant events
–Hearing music or sounds for which there is no physical source
–Correctly sensing the presence of lost objects
–Opening books to the exact passage you are looking for
–Sensing a numinous presence around persons or places
–Watching someone’s face reveal -as if in slow motion-younger or older aspects of their nature
–Seeing lights around people or inanimate objects
–Looking at something familiar and seeing it for the first time
–Spontaneously apprehending the presence of someone physically distant or dead
–Sensing chakras and energy flows
–Hearing melodies that reflect your physical condition
–Telepathically stimulating moods in another person
–Correctly intuiting someone’s negative or postive feelings
–Merging with someone during sex
–Feeling pains of distant friend and then finding out about their illness or injury
–Sensing the mood and intention of an animal
–Sharing the well being of a friend at a distance
–Having the same dream a friend has
–Accurately sensing someone’s prayers on your behalf
–Feeling intense energies for which there seems to be no apparent cause
–Sensing a rush of electricity up the spine, accompanied by visions, mental illumination or great strength.
–Feeling a strong mood in an empty room
–Out of body experience
–Lucid dreaming
–Correctly sensing danger
–Apprehending complex ideas all at once
–Experiencing joy while doing routine tasks
–Experiencing an identity that existed before your birth and that will outlast your body’s death

(Caroline Savery) #2

John, such great, stimulating themes… What kind of support would you like to move this into broader realization? Were you just wanting to share the list for anyone to reflect on & prompt creative writing? Are you thinking that we might have a study club of The Future of the Body? Or that we might experiment on any of these themes in a meeting/conversation one at a time, or together?

(john davis) #3

Since I posted this list there have been opportunities to spark interest in the Michael Murphy book. I mentioned this book on the Life Divine thread and also in our Alternate Knowing Dream group, which we have just started. We have three videos posted and there is lots of flow around developing some of these meta-normal capacities. I’m using clean language and am open to a wide array of methods for Developing creative research. Our group is dedicated to the experiential aspects of the Future Body as much as to theorizing about that project. . Thanks for the suggestion, Carolyn, and I am open to the possibilities. There are many directions we can go in and you are always welcome to join our caravan of dreamers.

(Katina Press) #4

I would DEFINITELY be there for a group study of “The Future of the Body”!!! Before we start, could you please do a “Schedule Availability” check for interested participants? Otherwise, YES! I could devote time this Winter to show up for this Book Club!

(john davis) #5

Are we in Time or through Time. both/and, neither? And a Future Body according to whom? I offer some random thoughts about our recent history at Cosmos and some meta-comments about our practice. I hope this makes sense.

The Future of the Body has become a classic in the field, and I imagine interested readers dont need a group to follow it, for it is written in a straightforward manner. The Cafe, a weekly forum, is good for discussing current events or essays and articles but few people can read a book in a week and so we postpone the big reads for another kind of forum. If fiction, it is best scheduled by those who are most interested and others from beyond the circle here often show interest and that may take up to half a dozen sessions to complete. The large philosophical works, take months to complete, and some people who start do not stay for the long haul. Winter time may be best for a long philosophical book. As Life Divine comes to an end, I am pooped out.

To read at this long a stretch ( I have missed one meet up) and to contribute at my best, is exhilarating and exhausting. I am also working on a writing project for the journal. I recently proposed reading two short works that compliment and contrast, which could be something new. I am interested in comparative reading but it is labor intensive and not for everyone.

The experiential work that we are currently co-evolving in our alternate knowing group is a strong focus for me, because I want to actually realize the Integral, not just have endless chat fests about it. These cultural capacities we have yet to develop take guidance and clear intention. I want to ground these elaborate theoretical events into something actionable. Can we practice what we preach? Our sense of agency seems to be devolving, and our public discourse sucks. Let’s chuck down and chunk slow.

This is one of the few places I have found where scholarship and practice are sponsored. A post-formal turn? Maybe. In the interest of completing a cycle, it would be nice to tackle Bergson and Tielhard. Then we would be in a good position to review the field of Integral studies, which is why I stuck it out this long. If there is no gold in those hills, or a jackpot at the end of this rainbow, that is a good thing to know and I take that risk but so far it seems we are still up in the air, unfinished, without a safety net.

I am open to whatever others are wanting to make happen but I am not eager to jump into another large project without careful preparation. What have we learned from Gebser, Sri Aurobindo, Erin Manning and the fiction writers we have explored? I’m not sure. I would like to step back and evaluate before we jump into the river again. And you can never jump into the same river twice. You cant even jump into the same river once! Where is the place from which we can do this? I dont think we need to do another poll about what we want to do next. I hardly sense that we have actualized what we have already started. And as new people arrive we want to make them feel at home! But we need to tidy up the place, for it looks cluttered, and feels a bit hectic.

(LaughingCryingDancing) #6

John,very well said,I too have been feeling I need to head for the shore for a break from having a enjoyable,exciting ride on the rapids of ideas,metaphorical crafting & engagement with wonderful persons that share the same interest & passion as I do.Not sure how that arises/moves for the rest of You,for me it might be a alongside group Zoom Cafes,of a one on one to support the group part as I found helpful when in face to face groups.This may be already happening,& I am just a little to restrained to check it out.That’s my pebble of input.Thanks for your bringing forth a feeling that is/was moving within me.

(john davis) #7

Thanks Michael and we are re-structuring our sense of agency in a new medium. We are forced to coordinate our potentials in a physical absence. This is a big challenge! Our face to face zoom hangouts give us a sense of what is going on with the body-mind of the other. How do we synchronize our body mind states through a computer? Our narratives, aesthetics, rituals are hard to communicate in these forums but we are doing our best. A new skill set! We are all of us in the midst of this transition and so we are no doubt feeling the whole through our local activity here. But where is here? How do we find that Second Order from which we can reflect, coordinate tasks, tune into the affective zones, feedback and feed-forward to the Community as a Whole, a Community that is absent, and that is constantly on the move? Intentionally chunking down and chunking slow ( as we are doing in Alt Dream Fractal space) we are going into a unique social experiment. After our next session this Weds, perhaps we can make a report?

(Marco V Morelli) #8

Thanks for your reflections, John. They feel true and accurate to me, and after Aurobidino, I too would appreciate it if we chunk down, perhaps read a variety of shorter works which individual readers can opt in to based on interest and time-availability, but not requiring an intensive long-term committment. In the meantime, we could ask: What are we learning? And, what do we want to have happen?

I would also like to tidy up and declutter our various topics, channels, schedules, recordings, etc.—make it easier for new members (and old-timers as well :thinking:) to know what’s going on and how to make things happen.

I think some houscleaning and review will help create space and allow for new insights and directions to emerge. I feel that 2019 would be a good year to take a deep breath and gather our energies. 2020 is likely to be a dramatic year.