The Life Divine – Reading Group, Session #10 [8/9]


“We are such stuff as dreams are made of; and our little life is rounded with a sleep.” – William Shakespeare

Doug leads us off with a guided meditation reflecting on this turning point in the text, as Aurobindo brings us on exploration of the internal Cosmos and subliminal self. What’s really real? Is the universe like a dream or hallucination? Are we ourselves real? If so, who are we for real? “I take my stable mind with me into any possible experience,” Doug affirms. John shares a drawing he made showing how non-overlapping domains of real experience can sometimes spill into one another, and how more encompassing subjects experience diverse realities. Marco highlights Aurindo’s claim for the infinite diversity of experiences of the divine. Lauren, who is experiencing poor wi-fi or cellular service, manages to share a story about being shut down in a class for talking about integral spirituality. Geoffrey argues against one-truth doctrines, yet Tony upholds the value of big pictures and meta-theories. Matteo shares from his deep and wide study of Aurobindo to ground and illuminate our session as a whole.

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Book Two: The Knowledge and the Ignorance—The Spiritual Evolution

Chapter 5: The Cosmic Illusion
Chapter 6: Reality and the Cosmic Illusion (if you can…it’s very long)

Pages 428–454 (or 498)


Doug Duff
John Davis
Marco Morelli
Geoffrey Edwards
Tony Sauer
Lauren Unger

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Differences between OBEs and Lucid Dreaming are discussed in this video. This conversation compliments Sri Aurobindo’s exploration in the Life Divine. Are we starting to liberate the subtle realms?

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If we have no other volunteers for leading the session, I would like to present some sort of a guided meditation.