The Life Divine – Reading Group, Session #13 [8/30]


From the kindled fire of Energy of Consciousness Truth was born and the Law of Truth; from that the Night, from the Night the flowing ocean of being. — Rig Veda

In which we close out Book 2, Part 2 with a discussion of the ‘problem of evil,’ among other reflections raised by the current chapters.


Geoffrey Edwards
John Davis
Marco V Morelli
Mateo Needham
Doug Duff
Tony Sauer
Marco Masi
Lauren Unger

Recorded: August 30, 2018

@supermind: This is our last session before a 1-week break; then we move on to Part II of Book Two, “The Knowledge and the Spiritual Evolution”—the home stretch—which look (if only to my Ignorant mind) like some of the juiciest chapters in the book, covering rebirth, “the sevenfold knowledge,” the gnostic being, and more.

If you’ve been away for the summer, I hope you’ll re-join us for the final leg of our journey. The Infinite Fractal forgives! Just pick up where we’re at in the book now and keep reading. This Thursday would be a good time to reconnect…


Book Two: The Knowledge and the Ignorance—The Spiritual Evolution

Chapter 13: Exclusive Concentration of Consciousness Force and the Ignorance
Chapter 14: The Origin and Remedy of Falsehood, Error, Wrong and Evil

How to Participate


I would like to participate in this event. I have almost completed the final chapters listed and am looking forward to the discussion.


I did not make it to the previous Reading Group Session on 08.30.2018. I did, however, read chapters 13 and 14 of Book II - Part I and took notes.

I have attached my summary notes of Chapters 13 and 14 per your review. If my notes appear to be on the right track, then I would like to continue participating in the “Life Divine” reading group events, commencing on 09.13.2018. I am currently reading and studying Book II - Part II: Chapters 15 and 16, in prep. for the next Zoom - cast Reading Group on 09.13.2018.

Thank You!

Life_Divine_Chapter_13_Summary_Notes.doc (54 KB)

Life_Divine_Chapter_14_Summary_Notes.doc (61 KB)


Hey Katina!Thanks for your notes, they are very helpful. I look forward to your presence at our next call.

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Thank you for the notes, Katina. I like the way you’ve clearly parsed out Aurobindo’s ideas and arguments, what you feel is important, what you’re not sure about, and by extension, where further discussion could be helpful.

I’m also glad you’ll be joining us for the next Zoom session. Please do take a look at this thread, where we are adopting chapters to present on for the upcoming sessions:

Thanks again for adding to our engagement with the text!

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I like to have a self-generated summary of Chapter notes in front of me as preparation for the discussion. This way, I can refer to areas that need more clarity (according to my own personal understanding) and/or ideas that interest me during the Zoom-cast without taking up too much time.

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WOW! Katina, Looks like you have done a serious effort… I hope we will see soon you in the next session.

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Once a student, always a student.