The Life Divine – Reading Group, Session #17 [10/4]


Book Two: The Knowledge and the Ignorance—The Spiritual Evolution

Chapter XXII: Rebirth and Other Worlds; Karma, the Soul, and Immortality
Chapter XXIII: Man and the Evolution

How to Participate

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Just would like to check in w/ @supermind readers on the pace. This is the last week of reading double chapters…but we can take them separately if that would help the group catch up or keep up or take a needed breath. I’ve noticed we’ve had a few people drop off recently and I’m wondering if this would help with our flock’s progress toward the book’s grand finale.


@madrush Marco, the problem for me is not so much reading double chapters (even though I did suggest to focus on only one at a time), but a timezone issue. To wake up every Friday from 2am to 4am is not exactly what stabilizes my circadian rhythm… :wink: , especially when one has to wake up again early in the same morning. I do not pretend others to change their time for me in this Life Divine reading group but, if I may suggest, for some other future reading group that involves people from Europe or elsewhere outside the US it could be helpful to find out for a compromise in this sense.


That is a good suggestion, Marco. In fact, we regularly have been doing reading and discussion groups earlier in the day in the US, early evening European time. The Cosmos Café meets every Tuesday at 8 pm Central European Time. It’s just that we had a previous group reading Peter Sloterdijk meeting on Thursday evenings (US) and decided to continue with that time-slot through Aurobindo. However, I think it’s a good idea that a future group meets earlier in the day to accommodate participants in Europe. If there is enough interest, there could be a couple smaller groups meeting at different times. We would just need to work out the logistics for the video conference and recordings.

My wife has been reading a book called The Circadian Code and (no big revelation) being up on the computer in the middle of the night is not good for you! She has been changing out the light bulbs in the house, and covering the LED clocks and other indicator lights on our household appliances, to help the family reset our inner clocks. This is part of domestic campaign underway for brain health and better sleep, which so far is showing good results.

That said, your presence in these meetings, along with Tony and Matteo with his miner’s headlamp, has been heroic. You have definitely gone above and beyond to help us make some contact with Supermind. I hope we get to see you at least one more time before the end of the book.

One question we might explore at a future time when your brain is more fresh would be education. There are a few other educators on the site, and my wife and I are homeschooling our two daughters. I think it would be really interesting for a small group to study how visionary thinkers such as Sri Aurobindo, Rudolf Steiner, John Dewey, and others approached the question of education, and what kind of practical insights we might gain through dialogue amongst teachers who are developing alternative approaches to the mainstream. I share this idea, of course, because you’ve written a book on the subject…though I have only skimmed the overview so far. It’s just one possible follow-up to this Aurobindo deep dive, which could extend into some practical domains.


Well, if others are ok with that, this time would be of course much better for a new reading group (I assume for Tony as well). Generally any CET between 1 pm and 9 pm would be ok for me.

This is an interesting idea I never thought about. Two parallel groups but not necessarily independent. They might interact and cross-fertilize somehow. Of course more people have to join before.

Yes, you give me the final kick to try this out. It is some time that I had this in mind but never did.

I will participate in any case when we are at ch. 25 and where I have to make the summary.

Absolutely, I’m very interested. I’m glad to see that you homeschool your children and it would be interesting to compare the experiences between the US and abroad. As you probably know, in Germany it is outlawed and several families have to emigrate or pay heavy fines (in the worst case scenario there could be also the child removal from the authorities, even though that is fortunately very rare ). Will be certainly on board.


Now that my time zones are aligned, I hope to be there as well as, square. I put it on my calendar. Lord willing, see you soon. I need to review your previous ZoomCast to know where you all left off. Cheers!


FYI, I’m now teaching a class at Stanford that meets Thursday evenings, so I won’t be attending the Aurobindo group. But I’ll keep watch on new groups at different times.


Hi everyone, as it turns out I am going to miss the meeting tonight. It is my daughter Beatrice’s 5th birthday, and there was a change of plans, such that whereas we thought Kayla and the girls would be occupied during our meeting time, and we would be cutting B’s cake and singing happy birthday later, that other engagement fell through and so we’re going to be gathering for festivities earlier, and so regretfully, I will miss this session…though another part of me would regret it more if I missed the birthday.

Here’s the birthday girl wearing her daddy’s shades :sunny: :sunglasses: :sunny:

Technical note: I’ve changed the Zoom meeting configuration so that there will be no waiting room and the meeting will automatically record.

I hope you have a wonderful session! I look forward to listening to how it went.


Dear Friends,

These last six chapters are gems. I do think there is great risk of missing the forest for the trees in debating minutiae. These videos offer a broad scope of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s vision: Evolution Fast Forward.

Love, Mateo

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I, too, missed the meeting for chapters 22 and 23. I did, however, read, study and took notes (in which I uploaded/attached to this post.)

8:00 p. m. - EDT is kinda close to my wind down time and although, I considered zooming in, I didn’t want to make others feel uncomfortable with me broadcasting from a horizontal angle, crowned in satin hair curlers with stacked bed pillows propping me up to the webcam. Unless that’s okay?!? I was dressed appropriately, just horizontal.

Anyways, I do love this book! I uploaded my notes if anyone is interested in perusing and offering feedback.

Life_Divine_Chapter_22_Summary_Notes.pdf (65.2 KB)

Life_Divine_Chapter_23_Summary_Notes.pdf (52.7 KB)


Thanks for the notes, Katina. It’s helpful for reviewing the main points of the chapter, and also to see where you have have questions or alternative perspectives. Those could make for interesting discussions points. We do need someone to lead off the group next week, and also 10/25, vertical or horizontal, appropriately dressed is fine. Just sayin’.

I’m not sure if that was meant as a criticism, Matteo? I thought there were some odd angles that emerged in the last conversation that may have some use to someone. The video of the COBRA/WOMAN kiss, which I mentioned in our discussion, demonstrates the entanglement of vital energies with the human imagination. Each of us is probably doing the best that we can on this arduous journey. We each have a different style of learning.

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“Just sayin’”…(hint, hint).

Sure, Marco, I can lead off the group during the week of 10/25, but I can’t next week .

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Thank you, John. I didn’t mean for that to be a criticism but I see how it comes across that way. I really appreciate getting into the minutiae because of the unexpected gifts that surface. Sorry that I don’t have the space right now to say more.


I may be unaware of certain patterns in my own communication of my reading experience so I am open to alternate ways of reading. There is certainly a devotional aspect that I believe is very important, too, which you express so well. Devotional and what I call aesthetic. Thanks again, Matteo, for your knowledge sharing and look forward to the unfolding of these last chapters. They are daunting!


Hi Marco, Is anyone facilitating next week? I’d be happy to.


Next week appears to be open, Matteo. It’s all you :smile:

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Yes, @justcallmetony volunteered to step up if no one else did, so thank you Mateo.

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