The Life Divine – Reading Group, Session #17 [10/4]


(Katina Press) #21

Am I still facilitating the “Life Divine” chapters on 10.25? If so, can someone remind me which chapters? Thanks.

(Marco V Morelli) #22

Chapter 26 - The Ascent towards Supermind

(Katina Press) #23

I can hardly wait! Thank You. My dental surgery went well. Biggest achievement, however, was ripping up the Percocet Rx and opting for 800mg Ibuprofen (and a few drops of CBD Oil in the nocturne).

I’ll be able to smile (genuinely) by then. Cannot wait to hear about the Convention. I know that you all were AMAZING! I witnessed the whole thing from the heavenlies! Did you see a certain star flickering in the Colorado night sky? That was ME, winking at y’all!

That’s one of the many fringe benefits one acquires during the Ascent towards Supermind!