The Life Divine – Reading group, sessions #20-22 + extra early sessions [10/25, 11/1, 11/8]

(Marco V Morelli) #1

Dear Life Divine readers—

There are three weeks left in our ‘journey to @supermind’. We are so close! Yet so far… And these last three chapters are the whipped cream with the cherry on top of the entire adventure—so a little birdie has told. Is it time for us to ascend to the higher planes, fly like a fractal flock of subtle starlings? Is it time for the descent of the highest delight? And who would recognize the supramental if they met them on the street? Isn’t the psychic being lurking among us?

For these last three weeks, @Matteo has kindly offered to lead an additional session to our regular time—an earlier similarly open (all are welcome) meeting to take place at a more Euro-friendly hour. This should better serve those who have heroically been showing up week after week at 2:00 am in their zone. Here is your chance to get a full night’s sleep and still participate in the dialogues…though of course, you are still welcome to stay up for the later ones, too.

And if you were previously reading with the group and dropped out because you could not make the time anymore, here is a chance to re-join us for the grand finale.

I look forward to completing this great adventure in reading and consciousness in style.


Early Session

In your time zone: October 25, 2018 4:00 PM

November 1, 2018 4:00 PM
November 8, 2018 5:00 PM

Duration: 90 minutes

Late Session

In your time zone: October 26, 2018 12:00 AM

November 2, 2018 12:00 AM
November 9, 2018 1:00 AM

Duration: 120 minutes

Zoom video conference (both sessions):


Book Two: The Knowledge and the Ignorance—The Spiritual Evolution

10/25 – Chapter XXVI: The Ascent towards Supermind *
11/1 – ChapterXXVII: The Gnostic Being **
11/7 – ChapterXXVIII: The Divine Life ***

*@KPr2204 has committed to summarizing and leading our discussion on this chapter, I will assume for the late session still.
** @johnnydavis54 signed up to lead this one.
*** @madrush could pick up the last chapter for the late session, if there are no other volunteers. @laurenunger?

The Book of the Lion and the Lamb - a Biblical exposition manuscript
(Katina Press) #2

Yes, I will be there on 10.25.18 at the late session. I will try to attend the early session on 10.25.18, as well. I start work at 1:00 p. m. (EDT). So, I may be able to attend for the first 45 mins. or so. Either way, I will upload the outline of my notes for use at both sessions (if needed). Thanks for the update!

(Katina Press) #3

Enclosed are my notes for the 10/25/18 Aurobindo session. It is just an outline of Chapter 26, “Ascent of the Supermind” with my own “Interpretative Notes” dispersed throughout each section and “Notable Quotes” from the chapter’s text.


Life_Divine_Chapter_26_Summary_Notes.pdf (175.7 KB)

(Katina Press) #4

I will be late to the 12pm session and I have enclosed my notes for whomever wants to use them. I will be at BOTH sessions (as there is loads to discuss) just a little late for the early session.

(Marco Masi) #5

Thank you Katina for that great summary. The passion you put in it is admirable!

(Tony Sauer) #6

Sorry I cant make it to this session - I actually didnt plan to since I knew that I had to get up the next day and doing this would become difficult - but with the different timedates I allmost had no excuse - I was still busy today - But I read along

See you next week. I definitely will be there for the last two sessions.

(Mindful Ai) #7

October 25th Recordings


Chapter XXVI: The Ascent towards Supermind

Early Session: 10 am Mountain Time


Late Session: 6 pm Mountain Time


(Katina Press) #8

These videos are simply delightful! You know what I find interesting when observing Speakers with the audio muted? Some of the Speakers (myself, incl.) tend to look up at the sky/ceiling when speaking! Marco does it. JohnnyD does it, too. It fascinates me because it appears like we are searching “up” into the heavenlies of Forms floating by, as we speak, to find the ideas which match our thoughts before our minds process them into utterable words.

At other times, I look below for my ideas, as the “ground” represents another metaphysical realm of Forms (I. e., Kant’s “Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals”) from which we derive our ideas.

I remember studying philosophy as an undergrad and one of my Profs said that it is just as appropriate to look to the ground as a source of transcendent ideas, as it is the sky (the latter of which we are accustomed to associating with “inspired / elevated thinking”), because Truth dwells in both places. Both as a source of “revelation” from above, as well as, within the nature of reality, as metaphysics is (also) the foundational “grounding” of derived Truth.

Just a neat observation, that’s all. Also consistent with my understanding of Aurobindo’s concept of the relationship between human consciousness and the Super-Consciousness Force, or - Cit of Brahman’s nature. Keep looking up or down for inspiration.

(Katina Press) #9

No, Thank YOU! Esp. at the end of the discussion when you reminded me of that crucial element of service to the Divine, regarding philanthropy as an extension of divine service, rather than an alternate form of such.

I REALLY, REALLY need to be reminded of this on a daily basis, Marco. And God used you to, yet again, convict me of this. I am one of those seekers who too often, gets “stuck” in momentary AWE in the midst of meditative practice and communion with God. I have almost run off the highway when I get captivated in prayer and/or receptive meditation with my Lord, (as 15 mins. of turning off the car radio on a long stretch of quiet road turns into 65 mins. of driving in circles because I don’t want to let go God’s firm grasp).

I have soooo much more to learn and discuss about Chapter 26! Esp. about forms of “Resistance” as it compares to my faith’s Biblical analogies:

(A) Transition from Nature into Supermind: “Our effort belongs to the inferior power of Nature; a power of the Ignorance cannot achieve by its own strength or characteristic or available methods what is beyond its own domain of Nature. **(1)_ All the previous ascensions have been effectuated by a secret Consciousness-Force operating first_** in Inconscience and then in the Ignorance: it has worked by an emergence of its involved powers to the surface, powers concealed behind the veil and superior to the past formulations of Nature.” (Aurobindo) (2)


(2) Moses wore a veil when he descended from Mt. Sinai with the Commandments to shield the congregation from God’s Glory: “As Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the commandments in his hands, he did not know that the skin of his face had become radiant while he conversed with the LORD….the children of Israel…were afraid to come near him….He put a veil over his face. Whenever Moses entered the presence of the LORD to converse with him, he removed the veil until he came out again. On coming out, he would tell the children of Israel all that had been commanded. Then the children of Israel would see that the skin of Moses’ face was radiant; so he would again put the veil over his face until he went in to converse with the LORD” (Exodus 34).

(B) Power of Resistance of Existing Forms

FROM “LIFE DIVINE” (Chapter 26): § When the higher forces descend, they meet the resistance of matter, as well as the resistance of established forms (mental, vital, physical) in our nature. (1) § This may amount to a refusal or a perverse deformation of the higher light. § Evolutionary nature has given this right of persistence to forms, to bring steadiness into her steps. § The resistance is more intense the lower we go (life, body, inconscient), because the substance is less conscious. § The power for quietude, silence, or a controlled passivity of the nature is necessary to allow entry of the higher light. § An established psychic control also creates a general responsiveness, or a preliminary spiritual transformation.

NOTE BENE: (1) SEE the “Parable of the Sower (Soils)” found in the three Synoptic Gospels - Matt. 13: 1-23; Mark 4: 1-20; Luke 8: 4-15 - In which Christ illustrates this EXACT SAME PRINCIPLE of the existing forms of Resistance exhibited towards the descent of the “Higher Forces” of the Word of God upon the domain of human nature. This Parable is about the various ways in which mankind’s soul receives and/or responds to “The Word of God”.

NB - BTW: Jesus says he teaches in parables because he does not want everyone to understand him, only those who are his followers. Those outside the group are not meant to understand them. Thus one must already be committed to following Jesus to fully understand his message and without that commitment one will never fully understand or be helped by his message. If one does not correctly understand the parables, this is a sign that one is not a true disciple of Jesus

(john davis) #10

A great observation, Katina! Below is an NLP eye accessing chart. We can track how a person is processing internally. Up does indicates the visual system, to the right is visual construct, to the left visual remembered. Down to the right is talking to oneself, down left is kinesthetic processing. We can also use these patterns to intentionally process an idea. The more our senses are engaged the more likely we will create new ideas. The interplay of percepts and concepts is deeply fascinating and is what Clean Language practice is all about. I am curious about what Kant would make of all this. A big research question!


(john davis) #11

I feel that Sri Aurobindo, for all of his genius, doesn’t deal with Kant’s process work at all. He seems to evade the epistemological entirely… He has access to the Divine but seems not to know how it happens. Many of us, who are less gifted, need to develop skills to make this kind of thing happen. Prayer, meditation and evolutionary trance/visions are important so that we can cultivate these capacities.

(Katina Press) #12

Heck yeah! The kinesthetics of thinking. I’ll bet the Yogis have a lot to say about this, too! Your (WOW, JohnnyD! I just performed the very movement which your chart predicted whilst searching for a word from my remote “word bank” memory - that is, I deflected my eyes away from the screen and looked to the left !!!) abundant storehouse of knowledge never ceases to amaze me!

(Marco V Morelli) #13

Hi @MarcoM and @Matteo and all— just wanted to let you know that I will miss this week’s early session (November 1, 2018 4:00 PM ) covering “The Gnostic Being,” but I expect to be there for the later session (November 2, 2018 12:00 AM).

However, next week I expect to attend both sessions for the final chapter “The Divine Life.” I also hope we can schedule a final session (perhaps when all or most can make it, so on the earlier side?) to wrap up our full reading this time around, and see what might want to happen next.

But we can come to that later. I just wanted to let you know about my participation today. I can and will join the Zoom call for a few minutes at at the top of the hour to check in and make sure all is well technically, but then will hop off and let you proceed with the dialogue, while I take care of some other tasks.

(Marco V Morelli) #14

(Douglas Duff) #15

I too will miss out. Responsibilities at work. I second @madrush’s final session proposal.

(Marco V Morelli) #16

November 1st Recordings


**Chapter XXVII: The Gnostic Being

Early Session: 10 am Mountain Time


Late Session: 6 pm Mountain Time


(Geoffrey Edwards) #17

The books I was talking about are Loren Eiseley’s The Night Country, although the one in which the man and the raven meet in the fog is actually in The Immense Journey. All of Eiseley’s books are extraordinary, however - well written, and filled with quirky and humble encounters with animals and other aspects of nature. My favourite is probably The Star Thrower, although The Unexpected Universe comes a close second.

(Maia Maia) #18

Loren Eisley is one of my most favorites writers ever! I lost my copies of his books in a disatrous move-out experience, but the spirit of his wonder re: the natural world will always be with me.

(Maia Maia) #19

Loren Eisley is one of my most favorites writers ever! I lost my copies of his books in a disatrous move-out experience, but the spirit of his wonder re: the natural world will always be with me.

(Tried to post this, but the page/program wouldn’t let me when it didn’t go through the first time, telling me I “already posted this”. Having trouble all over the website.)

(Geoffrey Edwards) #20

I have read most of his work, including his wonderful biography All The Strange Hours. I tend to go back regularly to reread his writings - they are haunting and powerful and important.