The Life Divine – Reading group, sessions #20-22 + extra early sessions [10/25, 11/1, 11/8]

(Geoffrey Edwards) #21

So here is the link that Heather (@hfester) shared with me about the Beast in Zen Buddhism :

It’s called “Love Your Beast” :slight_smile: I think the speaker is Martin Butler.


(Marco V Morelli) #22

Yesterday’s talks, temporary video links:

Early session:

Late session:

(john davis) #23

A great finale! I really enjoyed the flow of the exchange and look forward to future developments with Sri Aurobindo’s work. Marco’s suggestion about take a look at the Benerji work is especially compelling. If we had some people who were interested in a reading of his book perhaps he would make another guest appearance? Now that we have a deeper relationship to the metaphorical landscapes that Sri Aurobindo weaves together we could ask fresh questions. Here is the video I referred to in our last conversation.