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(Marco V Morelli) #1

Dear @supermind readers~

Here are the details for our next session: The Life Divine – Reading Group, Session #5 [6/28]

Who would like to sign up to lead this, or another of our upcoming conversations? You do NOT have to be an expert or even have read Aurobindo before to play this role. It is just a way to generate (and learn from) a mix of perspectives and approaches to the experience.

I’d like to fill in the next three weeks, then open up sign-ups for the rest of the calendar. (I think we should also check in after Part 1 on our reading pace and collective desires going forward. So I prefer not to fill in those later dates just quite yet.)

@laurenunger, @Terri, @Kim_Smith, @EMW, @Flo …please let me know if you’d be interested (and when). Also @johnnydavis54, @Geoffrey_Edwards, @wronitz, @hfester, @sphuratti, and anyone I’m forgetting. Thank you!

Book One

Omnipresent Reality and the Universe

# Date Chapters Pages Convo Leader Theme
0 5/31 - - Marco Introductory
1 6/7 Chs. 1–5 3–46 Mateo Eternal succession of dawns
2 6/14 Chs. 6–11 47–107 Doug Auroworld
3 6/21 Chs. 12–16 108–160 Don The true doer of divine works
4 6/28 Chs. 17–20 161–209
5 7/5 Chs. 21–24 210–253
6 7/12 Chs. 25–28 254–304

Book Two

The Knowledge and the Ignorance—The Spiritual Evolution

Part 1 – The Infinite Consciousness and the Ignorance

Coming soon…but taking reservations for any Thursday of late July or August, too.