The Name of God – by Alexander Blum


This is an interesting article. Very dramatic and Tolkien-ish. Philosophical and zen. The ending was felt at this level. Reminiscent as it is of Lao Tsu and Rumi:

What is love?
Surrendering yourself for the other.
That is all there is to it.
At the dawn of the new world, check your name.
I will tell you who I am:
In the world of power, I abandon power In the world of fire, I am wood And in the world of decay, I am resurrection
I am paradox, I am light. Abandon the way of the Demiurge, And suffer Suffer the weight of the cross, and follow me
I am paradox, I am light. In the apex of all contradiction Is where you will find me
I am not matter, I am love I am you, and you are me
Find me

Thank you for this.

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