THIS WEEKEND: Culture cross-pollination opportunity: Bloom regenerative platform "in conversation" with Cosmos!(?)

Yours truly (Caroline) will be heading to San Francisco this weekend for a two day whirlwind of the Pollination swarm conference, put on by Bloom network, a regenerative patterns propagation community with nodes across the globe, dedicating to spreading and practicing regenerative cultures.

Check out the schedule here:

And more about Bloom Network here:

I sincerely regret and apologize for my lateness in posting this. :pensive: Had I had more bandwidth, I would have liked to invite this community into engagement around this event more. Nevertheless… here are the questions and opportunities I’d like to pose to this group:

How can we make the most/get the most out of Caroline’s participation in this summit?

Please comment below in this thread with your ideas!

…I had the idea of linking up via Zoom & our forum to put on a point-of-view style “livecast”–streaming some of the happenings, conversations and people at Pollination. Would anyone be interested in joining a LIVE videocast at some point this weekend? Not sure how I’ll be able to segue/interface with the various flows of attention, people and workshops at the event, and therefore also not sure how interactive such an event could be, as far as interfacing Cosmos participants and Pollination participants. However, I’m willing to improvise, emergently. If you’re interested in joinoing for a livecast, please comment in this thread below.

Alternatively, I could offer daily summaries/fresh updates via Zoom at a distinct time each day (probably, late evening) on Saturday and Sunday, if people would want to tune in for that.

Please share your thoughts, inspiration and ideas! Though it has come up quickly–and again I apologize for my role in NOT better connecting these dots sooner–let’s get the most out of my trip into the rewilding, regenerative, planetary consciousness “scenius” that is POLLINATION this weekend.



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