Time Well Spent (What is Technology Doing to Us?)

This movement for more mindful and humane digital media design seems to be a growing thing…

This same fellow was on Sam Harris’ podcast recently:

It would be great for the Cosmos @Tech circle to plug into this R&D.


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Wow. I’m totally digging this. Totally want to connect with them! Need to get our partnership outreach game in order, @madrush. We gonna, I know. :wink:

And I must say–although it can be a frustrating experience to be at the edge of what’s possible, and yet knowing that hundreds, thousands, potentially millions of other people are simultaneously coemergently innovating similar things that push that edge a little further, while it can feel overwhelming to imagine linking up those efforts into a climatic whole, yet… yet that possibility beckons. And it is so much more inspiring to see others doing it and think yeah–maybe one of us will be successful, and once the breakthrough/critical mass is reached–all of us benefit! Hooray! Instead of reacting with the individualistic, competitive, closed-off mindset that says I have to be the one to beat them all to the punch and/or MY idea is obviously going to be so much more superior to theirs. May that which inspires and enlivens, succeed. Organically.

@natesavery Check this stuff out.