Tripod View (& Constitutional Algorithms)

1 purpose/game: Self-actualization
Manifesting in 3 legs of a tripod: Economic, Community/Social, and Technological.

The Three Legs of Cosmos’ Tripod

Economic system. Cooperatively-generated, shared benefits. Leads to: Economic Empowerment. & gives us the “platform for the platform” (business operations gives us the shared tools and methods of benefit.)

Community system. Community (designed for) solidarity & mutuality. Leads to: Amplification of social, cultural, economic, intellectual (etc.) potentials.

Technological system. Platform (designed for) customized play, co-constructed playscapes, flexible templates, user choice. Leads to: The primary delivery mechanism of the other benefits. Like an instrument you learn how to “play to your benefit.”

The Unified Design Principles & the Unified Process/Game (Self-Actualization) should be reflected at each level.

Different lenses of the same principles
If you look at the Unified Principles in terms of how the Community/social sphere would interpret them, those are pointing to some potential universal standards for how we engage with each other (a kind of proto code of conduct!) If you look at them in terms of Economics, you can see a proto image of our value proposition and business strategy. If you view them through the lens of Technology, you can imagine what kinds of structures and flows we would prioritize in the construction of a system that accommodates and reflects these values.

For more on the interpretation of these principles through the three lenses, see: Design Principles: Community/Social andDesign Principles: Technological.

Important to note that: while Cosmos is always striving to be the “most intelligent” version of itself, drawing from the “best and most skillful” means and methods reflected in its members’ practices, discourses and journeys**—it will forever be a work in progress**. Or rather, a game in progress: the self-actualization game. It will forever be self-inquiring and self-refining. There will be no perfect point reached—ever. Cosmos defines itself in terms of process; it has a “growth mindset” where it is always trying to improve itself, and its self-actualization increases but never ends. Mirroring the same process in its human membership.