Trouble navigating site on 8" Galaxy Tab 4

The only issue I have with navigating the site is that commenting is quite difficul on my tablet. They keyboard flips up and covers half the screen and then I can’t see what I’m typing. I have to cancel out of the screenmtomgetmto my message to edit it. I don’t know if there is any workaround for thatmbut it does make conversing a little difficult.

Thank you for the report, @sue. I will bring this up with the web developers and let you know when there is an update.

There may not be an immediate resolution. The forum software we are using, called Discourse, is open-source and is actively being developed. However, we don’t have our own resources yet to address the issue directly, so we will have to wait for the developers to respond.

When you get a chance could you take a screenshot of your tablet with the composer window open and post it here? Also let me know what kind of (and size) tablet you are using. Thanks.

Hi Al,

It’s a 8-inch Galaxt Tab 4. Perhaps it’s more to do with the tablet than the platform bt thanks for looking nto it.

Hello @sue, I’ve posted this issue to the developers and shared your screenshot for reference.

Out of curiosity, if you tap into the little sliver of an editor window, just above the keyboard, does the header of the site disappear and give you a few lines to see what you’re typing?

Also, is the layout any better in portrait vs. landscape mode?

Hi @mindful_ai. If i tap on the sliver of editor window it shows what I’m typing. Then I have to reactivate the keyboard and deactivate it in orde to move around and editr. It’s just a bit cumbersome. I’ve realisedmthat if I slide the title header part at the very top of the screen up that it gives me a bit of extra space, but I still can’t see what I’m typing until I’ve written enough that it comes into view. If you know what I mean. It’s a little hard to describe! Its like if I’m typing in the sweet spot I can see it, but otherwise not. Does that make sense?

For example, at this point in the post I can see what I’m typing once I’ve swiped the top site header part out of the way. And yes, landscape is definitely better.

Hello Sue,

Thanks for your patience. I’ve been looking into this for you.

The background issue is that your screen falls somewhere in between the optimal sizes for the app, which is optimized for larger screens and desktops, as well as smaller phone-size devices.

However, there are a couple workarounds that could help:

  1. Try adding the site as a homescreen banner as described here:
  1. Try using the Discourse app and adding to the app:

Note that both of these workarounds require having the Chrome browser on your device.

Please let me know if either of those options work!