Unable to sign up for Spheres group

Am having trouble signing up for the Spheres group. Maybe I just need to wait till my membership goes through? Also, the logic of posting on the site escapes me… looks like I can only post in reply to someone - not sure how to post directly within a thread (for example, the Introduce yourself thread!)

Hi Jeffrey,

Welcome. I think you’re our second sign-up. We haven’t yet gotten everything automated. So as new members join, there could be a few hours lag before we add them to the appropriate groups here. Eventually that will be an automated process.

As well, since we’re not officially starting that reading group until mid April, there is still some set-up to do in the : #readers-underground:spheres channel.

However, there are a few other conversations going on, so please feel free to hop in anywhere. Would love to read your intro as well:

Glad you signed up!