Update on Sloterdijk / Spheres reading group

(john davis) #21

I agree, Ed, that getting these topics out in the open is a necessary condition for the transformation of humanity. To do so would be to overhaul science as we know it. It is hard to imagine five hundred years from now that Science will look the same. Our current Mental Deficient Science will look incredibly primitive.

And when ‘out in the open’ what happens next?

I believe Professor Kripal brings seriousness to this topic and deserves a wide audience. For an academic to take on the topic of the para-normal is unheard of. Kripal is that rare individual. He also ahs a rare gift for articulating what is most difficult to discuss. He has some rich insights into the possible marriage of East and West. It appears the walls between different philosophical schools of thought are starting to crumble. I believe Aurobindo ( who was educated in England) and Gebser set the stage for our current crisis and started to unravel our weaved up folly. I sense that this could be a very useful project for our collaborative learning community.

This is a brief introductory talk by Kripal, who has a new book coming, The Secret Body. I have read a few of his books-highly recommended! I hope, if we decide to take up the challenge, that we could include some of his views into the mix. The time is ripe!

Good news! The Body is in the Soul, and the Soul does not die.Welcome to hyper-dimensional worlds-


(Marco V Morelli) #22

@spheres readers: thank you for your patience as I’ve sought to gain clarity on various time-related issues, including calendar and scheduling questions, but also some attention to the flow of conversations and events…and ‘what wants to happen.’

I’m personally ready to move forward with reading Spheres Volume 2: Globes, and would like to suggest that we begin with a meeting on Thursday, November 30th at 6 pm Mountain time (time zone conversion).

I hope this time will be most accessible to participants in North America, where most of the group is located at this stage; but I can be flexible if an earlier time in the day would serve the group. I’ll mention that we also now have a weekly time slot for various conversations in the Cosmos Café on Tuesdays at 1 pm MT, which could be friendlier for participants overseas, and we can occasionally use this time slot to discuss Spheres, for anyone interested and available. These talks could supplement or branch off the main discussions.

For the Thursday meetings, it’s been suggested we meet monthly and cover larger chunks of the book, and aim to complete the two remaining volumes by the next spring (in the north). This would leave time and space for other initiatives to bloom and lines of thought to unfurl, concomitantly. I feel comfortable with this proposal—but would like to discuss it on 11/30 amongst the people who will continue to read (and anyone new who joins). I also propose we at least read through Chapter 1 for this meeting.

Please let me know if you’ve seen this message and can make it on the 30th. Thank you again!

(Geoffrey Edwards) #23

November 30th at the time indicated works for me, @madrush. Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this!