[video] Cosmos Cooperative - Development Meeting #2 – 9/20

Continuing the discussion from [video] Cosmos Cooperative - Development Meeting #1 – 9/13:

Second meeting to work on co-op vision and structure. Learn more at http://www.cosmos.coop

Participants: @madrush [Marco V Morelli], @Jeremy [Jeremy Johnson], @RichardMurray [Richard Murray], @johnkellden [John Kellden], @michaelgarfield [Michael Garfield].

Topics include: creative democracy, co-op vision, leading with aesthetics, conversation, orientation or mentoring for new members, communal being / ethos.

Recorded: 2016-09-20

Follow-up items for this meeting include:

  • Establishing an “onboarding” or member orientation / mentoring process.
  • Setting up internal currency (Litcoin) for recognizing work and creative contributions (we did not use this term, but it would be something equivalent to tracking our “sweat equity”).