Visionary Voices Read Aloud: John Milton's Paradise Lost, Book VIII

Recorded: 2020.05.27
Participants: Geoffrey Edwards, John Davis, Marco V Morelli

About this Group

Since Fall 2019, we have been reading works by “visionary” poets. While what constitutes “visionariness” is an open and dynamic question, with intense contemporary relevance, we began our quest to bring visionary voices to life by alternately reading aloud the poetry of John Milton, William Blake, and Walt Whitman—in kind of meta-dialog with Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem, Savitri, which is being read by another group on alternating Wednesdays in a complementary braid. These read-aloud sessions have released some at-times volatile yet overall creative energies, which you can review in our archive. In 2020, we decided to focus on Paradise Lost until we’ve completed a full read through, then open the exploration to new voices. Participation in this group is open-ended and open to all—join for a canto, stay for an epic!—please sign up here.

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