Visionary Voices Read Aloud (Milton, Blake, Whitman, etc.) - Nov. 27, 2019

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed our reading today (November 27, 2019), of « Song of Myself », it felt so revelatory and, as Marco @madrush indicated, ecstatic. I feel these rhythms begin to build inside me, and Whitman is channeling the other voices, Blake, and Milton, and Sri Aurobindo. This reading together is one of the highlights of my life, @johnnydavis54 and @madrush. And we are hoping you can join us, @hfester, at least some of the time! And others who may feel pulled to join, it is not a closed group, as long as one is willing to read from where we are. @Matteo, I know you can sometimes, you are always welcome.


Thanks, Geoffrey, for these grateful reflections and extended invitations. Here is the video from our event earlier today:

… for any who’d like to catch the rhythm of Walt’s voice with us:

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Still awaiting my rejoiner status after this extended “work leave” … as in I have had to stop participation for work reasons. It is likely I will be able to join in on both the Savitri and the complementary readings sometime in December if our plans are to continue this coming month. Looking forward to catching up.


This sounded wonderful. I have several passages from various places that I’d love to read aloud. Perhaps we could have a collection somewhere on the site? @madrush?

Also wanted to ask anyone from the @ccafe & @metamind if they had any great ideas for book presents this year. The one area I feel very lacking in is Female Transformational Memoir / Journeys. Obviously I have some saints and sages (Cave in the Woods, Story of a Soul, and others) but I’m looking for more, and for a younger less aesthetic crowd.

Another gift I’m offering someone is a novella collection of my favorites that include: The Strange Life of Ivan Ossokin (Ouspensky) The Death of Ivan Illych (Tolstoy), Siddartha (Hesse) and Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Bach). Any others you might add to this subtle campaign of shock and awe?

Would love to hear any of your ideas … Z



This is interesting on several levels in terms of Women’s Bodies,Identity &Cultural Pressure even from within one’s Family…parents born in one culture & child growing up in America. I Feel could relate to Bodies in General with Particular Expressions across different Frames of Reference.


Thank you! I’ll check this out. Love that photo …

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Thanks, all, for being willing to let me join. I’m sorry that I missed the start of this party.

For the next couple of weeks, I can make the 8 am Mountain time on Wednesdays, which is right before my 9:25 teaching times. After the holidays, I’ll be on a slightly later schedule–first due to the holidays and then in the spring semester, I start at a later time on Wednesdays.

I’ll try to get caught up on the readings over the break. I’ve been looking forward to a dive into these fellows for a long time. I have some Blake audio from some live Naropa lectures by Blake scholars descended from Ginsberg (who was majorly geeked on Blake) to share when the time is right too!



We look forward to your return, Heather, and your participation. We are trying to light up this cave. There are strange symbols and drawings on the walls. It is starting to make sense.

Is the next call for this group on 12/11? I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t this morning.

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Yes, Heather. Good call. Looking forward to it.

By the way, you know about Marco, right? His father passed away on the weekend.



Yes, I haven’t had a chance to properly express my sympathies to him yet. I imagine he will be away for awhile.

See you all on Wednesday!


Yes, we will be reading Milton on Wednesday :slight_smile:

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Hi, Geoffrey and all,

I may try to make it late today, but I for sure won’t be on time. And next week I have a final during the meeting time. So, I might have to join you all after Christmas. Sorry about that.