Visionary Voices Read Aloud (Milton, Blake, Whitman) - February 12, 2020

Hi folks, I realized too late that there was no reading group scheduled for Wednesday, January 29th - remember, the way the reading groups work is 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month is the Savitri reading, and normally 2nd and 4th Wednesday is for the Visionary Voices Read Aloud. January was a month with five Wednesdays, however, and we could have used the final Wednesday if we’d paid attention earlier. As it is, next week is going to be Savitri again, so Visionary Voices won’t happen until the week after. Is this clear to everyone? We will be continuing our reading of Book 3 of Paradise Lost on February 12th.


Thanks for the clarification, @Geoffrey_Edwards. I was assuming we’d stick to the 1st/3rd / 2nd/4th pattern, but with the extra Wednesday in January (which I was glad to have) that definitely could have been confusing.

I still have a week left of clean-up and packing in New York, but will try to get back in the game this week with our other reading group for Savitri. However, the following week could be tricky for me as I may be on the road, driving cross-country, back to Colorado, with my mum.

PS. @johnnydavis54, I just learned about this production, check it out!

(Tickets are a bit pricey, however, at $75 + fees… which gives me pause; otherwise I would totally say let’s do it. I am enjoying our own performance well enough. In any event, I’ll reach about getting together before I leave town…)

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This production looks very glossy and the images are suggestive. There is evidence that Milton had planned Paradise Lost to be a Masque.

Masque- form of amateur dramatic entertainment, popular among the nobility in 16th- and 17th-century England, which consisted of dancing and acting performed by masked players.

That is the inspiration behind our own presentation, as we blow the dust off this creaky classic, and touch the current of Gnosis, still alive in our own day, among the many fallen angels of our own Integral Diaspora, scattered across the oil slick of the Internet.

Perhaps we could devote some of your visit, Marco, to a voice tutorial that we could record and upload for our troupe? We could demonstrate some easy techniques for creating ecstasy through the Voice and unifying the Body Eclectic.

Just an imaginative fluttering…from the astral breezes…from the open space in the center of the throat…and an uprising from the sacral lumbar region of the spinal column…that electric knowing from which all revolutions arise…