Wanted: Artwork for the Cosmos website

Please share any original artwork that you would be OK with us using on the Cosmos.coop website, which @kayla is in the process of redesigning.

We’d like feature work by Cosmos members—so no stock imagery, or other generic images you might find on the web—although if there are artworks you would like us to consider by artists you admire, and whose spirit reflects the Cosmos ethos (and they are in the public domain, or can be used with permission), please feel free to suggest them.

We’d like to have a variety of works to choose from to achieve aesthetic balance, and can’t promise that any particular submission will be used. But since we have a number of pages to create, and will go on updating the site even after this redesign, there is a chance your work will be used in the future, if it is not used right away.

Last note: please upload as hi-res versions of the images as you can. We can easily scale them down to size, but can’t scale up without degrading image quality. You can upload your images directly below, or direct-message them to me privately. Thank you!

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Also, please include what attribution and copyright/CC licensing you’d like.

I have a couple of watercolors that might fit somewhere, but I don’t honestly know if they are hi-res or not. Should I send them anyway? If yes,
do I post them here or?


Hi Maia, thank you! Those watercolors, with their abstract patterns, could work well…

Send the clearest images you can, and if you feel comfortable, you can upload them here, or email me, or send me a direct message.

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Here are three I found right away, could be a couple more harder to find, but try these out…each has a title, can if you want, copyright to Maia. (Also, how abou Doug’s watercolors?)

sourcerainbow(2)lcrop2X25 (3)


Thank you, Maía!

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