Week 2 – Hangout #3 – Thursday 1/21

Our third Winter of Origins hangout is happening tonight at 9 pm EST.

We’ll post the link to join live on the event page and below. If you prefer not to participate via video or can’t, we will have a QA chat window open so you can post your questions or comments.

Date & Time: Thursday, January 21, 9 pm EST

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Event page: https://plus.google.com/events/cafhg7gm5k64eash0j7mp4evbdg

Do you have any questions or topics you’d like to discuss? Please add them below! We can also use this topic to continue the dialogue after the hangout.

Hi everyone, we’re about to get started. Below is the link to join the hangout. Just let me know if you have any questions. We’ll do our best to make sure everyone who wants to can get on the line: https://hangouts.google.com/call/ynuljuwntlznmjai5x2gwjiql4a

Hey Zach (sp?),

What you are talking about with the voices and characters. That can be held by certain people to assist more creativity. The practice is called Polarity Trance Counseling. And I have notes on it and I can talk to you more about my experiences with it, if that interests you.

Miah (Attuned Intelligence)


There is numerous processes that encounter our multiplicity from unperspectival shamanic trance rituals to perspectival psychotherapeutic ego state encounters to aperspectival processes like Big mind.
Also - voice dialogue, Internal family systems, dialogical self theory, and psychodrama role theories and role plays are fantastic as well.
I work with all these as an integrative psychotherapist.
Zaq I loved hearing about your spontaneous performance with your many embodied selves and multi-voicedness. Thanks for sharing, Jacob Moreno would be happy for you (psychodrama founder).


I wanted to share (in response to Zacs work with multiple selves) that as a visual artist, I work in a variety of mediums (and have been doing so for 45+ years). I also go by different names in different social circles.
Once, at an open studios, I was accused of sharing space with another artist because my work between mediums is SO different.
I recognize that I am working with what Jung might call sub personalities here, and the choice of mediums for me is very clearly connected to the need to express very different things.
It just reminded me of Zac’s work a bit.


Thanks for bringing Jacob Moreno to my attention. I’ve been thinking more about how to do this with other in something I’ve been calling “Personality Doodling,” in which two people let a voice rise to the surface and, then, let them have a interaction/conversation together.

I’d love to hear more about your experiences. Why do you value it? What drew you towards it?

Interesting. I’ve been changing my name (on social networks) every few years, to represent my changing self. Each name change, in a sense, circumscribes an epoch of my life. In my most recent manifestation, I’ve realized that, more than a personality, my various socialNet profiles represent different types of social spaces (a garden, a school room, a meditation hall, a rowdy party, etc), and I, if existing anywhere, am more of a gate & grounds keeper of and between these spaces.

(cc @Sandstone_Snowflake @Attuned_Intelligence @AriAnnona)


i love that. a facilitator of spaces. walking between worlds.
incredibly shamanic~
the integral structure of consciousness is exactly that (in its contemporary incorporation of the archaic, magical, and mythical structures).
I also did some work on separating out all of the various roles that I played (play) in the course of my life, and this was helpful for me in so many ways. I got to see where the identities conflicted, competed, overlapped, kept me limited, etc… In this way, I got to actually witness the roles that I was caught up in and how these either consciously or unconsciously contributed to my ability to understand the integral structure.

In the long run, I have come to experience myself as “whole” but not ever complete, meaning that I can accept myself fully in all of my various personality manifestations while simultaneously knowing that my consciousness will always keep expanding into the next level of my own unknown (yet to arrive) experience.
This is what I mean when I say that wholeness is illusive and ultimately not attainable, except as understood through a limited (and incomplete) lens of infinite becoming.
and the final level of experience is the transition from this realm of experience to the next, whatever that might be. (but I can only imagine what that is).
we are always creating the past, and in doing so, we create the future. We must understand the past (previous structures of consciousness) in order to recognize it appearing in the future as well.
we can each think of ourselves as actors in the play of life who take on various roles for various purposes while simultaneously recognizing that none of them are absolute or ultimately ‘real’. Only the ego mistakes these identities for the real.

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Working my way through the hangouts as catchup and I’m continually energised by the conversations. The aspect that struck me in this particular discussion was the embodiment of the aperspectIvan as a necessity in it’s concretion. Also, that it was mainly female contributors who brought this up - is there something in the feminine ( none gender specfic) that sees/intuits/feels this?

Hi Susan! I agree the hangouts are incredibly energizing to watch. I
suspect this is because we all share the intention of examining our
lives very deeply, together. We look at the world, see where crises are
happening, and we want to embody the solutions. We’re really practicing
our intuitive powers because that seems to be what Gebser was doing with
his insight. We’re following in his lineage! :sunglasses: