Welcome and Orientation - Deep Dialogue archive - Integral Review IPS Special Issue

Welcome to this archive of the Deep Dialogue exploration we did in late 2018. With 12 “experts” we had a series of 4 Zoom dialogues. The dialogue recordings are linked below. In this channel you will view-only copies of participant text discussions (labeled “Ω”); and open-topics where you can comment about the dialogues and related materials (labeled “*”).

Its all part of Integral Review’s special issue on Integral Postmetaphysical Spirituality, and in particular the overview essays reflecting on these dialogues are found here, with additional discussion forums here.

Here are links to the Zoom dialogue recordings:

Group 1 Zoom 1
Group 1 Participant Introductions
9/19/18: Bonnie, Andrew, Hillary, Daniel G, Layman, Tom.

Group 1 Zoom 2
10/24/18: Andrew, Bonnie, Tom, Hillary

Group 2 Zoom 1 with Introductions
9/19/18: Heather, Daniel T, Penelope, Marco, Geoff, Tom

Group 2 Zoom 2
10/22/18: Heather, Daniel T, Marco, Layman, Tom

Zoom Dialogues: Ground Rules and Context