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Infinite Conversations is a forum dedicated to cooperative dialogue among intellectual peers. It’s a place for open inquiry, critical reflection, and creative collaboration, with the goal of generating and sustaining an evolutionary community of discourse.

Infinite Conversations is also the forum for Cosmos Cooperative, serving as a hub for conversations across all our projects, including comments on published media and dialogue about the co-op itself.


Infinite Conversations is free and open to join for anyone who will abide by our guidelines.

Create a free user account with an email and password; or connect with your existing Facebook, Google, or Twitter account for automatic login.

Your free user account enables replying on public topics, which gives you the chance to get your feet wet before venturing into deeper waters. Click the Sign Up button to get started.


Become a Sustaining Member

Once you feel that you might like to stick around and lead some discussions—or if you’d simply like to show your support—you can become a sustaining member.

Infinite Conversations is 100% member-funded and will be cooperatively owned when fully incorporated. We do not show ads, and we do not sell your data. We support the platform through your financial contribution of $2/month or more, which helps us keep the forum alive and well-tended—and also grants full posting privileges (i.e., letting you create your own topics) in our main channels, along with full access to our live events.


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Join the Co-op

You might also consider becoming a Cosmos member, which costs $3/month (or $30/year). Cosmos membership will ultimately include economic and governance participation in the co-op, as well as access to our blogging platform A Theory of Everybody, free submissions to Metapsychosis Journal, and other Cosmos features as they are developed.


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Before creating your first post, you may want to…

  • Visit the TOP page to see the most actively discussed topics in the last month.
  • Visit the CHANNELS page to get a broad overview of the different kinds of discussion going on here.

Once you’re signed in and have looked around a bit, please be sure to update your personal profile and introduce yourself!

Questions? Need help?

Send a private message to @mindful_ai or create a new post in our tech support channel.

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