What if We’re All Coming Back? – by Michelle Alexander

Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow, ponders how the idea of reincarnation would change our politics. I was delighted to see this in the NY Times, as Alexander also shares about a weird personal experience that led her down this path of thought, and how her experience, and the idea of reincarnation, intersects with political philosopher John Rawls’ theory of justice, which challenges us to imagine how we would design society if we he had do so from behind a “veil of ignorance,” not knowing exactly who we would be—what role, status, or privileges we would enjoy (or limitations face)—in the society we create.

I just want to say, our recent reading in Aurobindo (see The Life Divine, Part 2, Ch. 20—“The Philosophy of Rebirth”) gives me a whole new appreciation for this idea!