What is this Codex?

The Cosmos Codex is an operating manual for COSMOS, a cooperative organization for “visionary minds” who combine their creative energies to generate works of “collective genius” and advance humane, mutual-growth-oriented culture.

In effect, COSMOS is a virtual community platform accommodating discourse, publishing and exchange, where the social network serves the creative process, and more importantly, where the creators themselves are empowered through shared ownership, mutual advocacy, and inspiring purpose. (See What is Cosmos?)

The Codex describes in detail how we do this. It’s a work in progress, obviously, and will always be. However, the intent of this document is to provide, as clearly as possible, a “snapshot” of our organization at any given moment in time, as we experiment, learn, and grow.

As such, the Codex serves as an authoritative reference, as organizational “DNA” or “source code,” by which we can evaluate our actual behaviors and policies. It is also a place to record significant thinking, theory, and research findings, as well as directions for further exploration. In short: as official policies and structures are innovated, they will be encapsulated in the Codex. Certainly the developments of the Circles will inform, and be informed by, the Codex. The Codex, being a wiki, will constantly evolve as our “community code” does, too.

The Cosmos Codex is a living, collaborative document, maintained by a core team of COSMOS developers and open to review, feedback, discussion, revision, and contributions by all members of the co-op community. There will continuously be gaps–or, new questions created by answering a question. If you see a gap or a potential flaw and have a sense that you have something to contribute, please do!

*Note: It is unclear yet how a group or individual obtains the power to moderate or alter the Codex. This needs further clarification.

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@madrush I made some edits. Let me know if you think this is ready to go live.

@madrush Can we put this page up? See also I added the Members page today to the Codex Dev, please look and let’s discuss any changes or tweaks. Er, we might wanna reduce a couple of Discourse’s restraints, incidentally.

Yes, for sure, sorry I didn’t get back to this last week. The only thing that seems to be missing here is the “How to Contribute to the Codex” link. Since we don’t have that page up, I would remove the text or indicate that it’s coming soon. But otherwise, you know how to move a topic to a different channel, right?

I can adjust Discourse settings to allow for shorter titles. Will do so now…