Where do you get your news?

I got into rather intense conversation with a friend recently, about things going on in the world—wars, politics, etc.—through the course of which, it became increasingly, disconcertingly clear, we were operating from a different set of narratives and facts, and thus arriving at different conclusions about the direction we’d like to see things go and what we felt were the major threats to that.

And, while I was pretty sure he was generally wrong about things (another sad case of an otherwise liberal/progressive-leaning soul, disaffected with the politics of “the Left,” therefore embracing the politics of "the Right), I wasn’t necessarily confident that I was well-informed enough to be right (as in, factually correct) about what is really going on “behind the scenes,” not just what’s reported in the mainstream.

And that got me thinking about how I would become better-informed, with such a plethora of news content, so many apps, channels, and competing agendas, disinformation, misdirection, and all the rest of what’s going on in the media-sphere. Where can one find trustworthy (non-partisan, yet not deceptively “neutral” either; but human- and earth-centric) news and analysis about what’s actually going on in the world?

Where do you get your news, and how do you know it’s trustworthy? And how do you manage the news in your life? What’s your media diet? What do you feel is worth knowing, even if there is little you can do about it? What do you feel no problem ignoring? Do you believe we have a responsibility, as world citizens, to pay attention to certain stories?

The last thing I have time for is to get sucked into random information vortices—so I’m looking for high quality, digestible sources. I want to stay connected with the world, without becoming disconnected from myself or my local context. I imagine others might want this too, thus I thought this would be a useful topic for this forum. What do y’all suggest, dear Infinite Conversationalists?

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This sounds Like a Topic for the Cafe’ & a Few Beers to Engage in , one that’s been around
the Cave Tribes Wandered the Earth,we’re each a Media Outlet Alert & Ready for Action,
it seems. Now the Ears are filled with High,Higher Volume & High,Higher Heat (Reactivity).

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I get most of my news from local college radio station, eg Amy Goodman’s War and Peace Report) and several listener-supported radio stations., one of which broadcasts a lot of BBC stories from around the globe.
No news from the internet!, except science news…
Lately my college station has been playing actual interviews from
Ukraine, Gaza, and even a few from Israel. Also historical material, such as speeches
from the 70s through 2000s, interviews and opinion pieces from archives.
All this I supplement with books, and long articles, as well as “behind the news”
radio shows.
Ffrom time to time, briefly, I even listen to convervative stations , including
evangelical Christrian stations…and learn a lot this way.


SheerPost has recently gotten my attention, because Chris Hedges is now writing there, and he’s someone I respect for having a moral conscience, as well as literary sensitivity. I also remember listening to Robert Sheer on the radio. They are a small indie site, but do some heavy hitting.

Common Dreams is another indie, reader-supported site, mostly covering politics (from a progressive perspective).

The Christian Science Monitor has a broader, less overtly political focus, and a strange pedigree. But they recently published this article about the Mondragon cooperative, which I appreciated.